5 Shoes Perfect for Work & Happy Hour 

Surviving another long day at work is something to be celebrated. Sometimes, after long hours of meetings, conference calls, and staring at a computer screen, all you want to do is get home as soon as possible to kick back and unwind. Other times, you’re itching to go out for a few hours and escape from the endless cycle of work, sleep, repeat.  

If you’re going out, stopping at home to change clothes or shoes can be an inconvenience. While we can’t help with the clothes (other than suggesting you wear an office-approved outfit that’s chic enough for a night on the town), we can help with the shoes.  

Whether you’re hitting your favorite bar for happy hour with the girls or going out to dinner at an upscale restaurant that just opened downtown, we’ve put together a list of business casual shoes adaptable enough for both the office and wherever you’re headed next. 

5. Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump 

You can never go wrong with a classic pump heel, and our Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump is proof of that. Perfect for the woman with sharp fashion sense, this stunning pump boasts a 3-inch stiletto and high-grade leather with an intricate snakeskin-like design that’s guaranteed to turn heads as you glide past cubicles and hit the city streets.  

This pump’s bold style doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on comfort. After all, beauty doesn’t have to mean pain. An advanced truTECH® and truTECH®+ technology system provides the ultimate in shock absorption and all-day comfort to keep you standing tall and confident well into the night, while retention foam and a polyurethane midsole plate enhance support and stability to reduce foot fatigue.  

The Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump is versatile enough to pair with almost anything in your closet, but we suggest pairing them with a sophisticated pantsuit, dress, or pencil skirt.  

4. Total Motion Kaiya Heel Pump 

Love the look of pumps but don’t want the extra height of our Pointed Toe Pump? Not to worry, our Women’s Total Motion Kaiya Heel has you covered. Available in eight different colors including black, navy, and maroon, this modest yet chic pump is the epitome of comfort and style.  

Rocking a shorter 2-inch kitten heel but still bold enough to make a statement, the Total Motion Kaiya Heel Pump is an exceptional choice for long days and bustling nights. Non-slip material keeps your feet in place to reduce heel movement, and a TPU midsole plate provides enhanced support and stability needed for coffee runs and moving on the dance floor.  

Like most pumps, the Kaiya Heel works well with a multitude of outfits, but it pairs especially well with slacks, dresses, and particularly tea-length dresses or skirts. If your office allows for more casual dress, kitten heels also work well with capris and rolled up or cuffed skinny jeans.  

3. Total Motion Slingback Pump 

If you’re looking for sophisticated comfort, our Women’s Total Motion Slingback Pump is definitely the way to go. Available in a stunning gold-like beige or tried-and-true black, you’re guaranteed to be the belle of the ball at the office and the bar.  

With secure straps and a premium foam-backed lining for extra support and stability, this slingback heel is a quality go-to choice for the working woman shuffling from meeting to meeting, as well as for the social butterfly who is the life of the party. Expertly crafted with cement construction and a TPU outsole, this anything-but-ordinary pump is durable enough to wear for years to come.  

Pair the Total Motion Slingback Pump with a versatile dress (solid colors work very well) for a polished look that’s professional enough for the boardroom and glamorous enough for after-work festivities.  

2. Total Motion Novalee Retro Pump 

For professional style with a fun and flirty twist, look no further than our Women’s Total Motion Novalee Retro Pump. Available in black suede for a neutral yet refined look and in pink for something a little bolder and vivacious, this playful callback to retro block heel pumps combines vintage elegance with modern flair.  

The Novalee Retro Pump comes in wide and medium widths, with an adjustable ankle strap, and with a partially removable retention footbed for a more personalized fit. Just like the rest of our Total Motion® line, we use the best in comfort technology so you can take your fun (and work) a step further.  

These pumps pair extremely well with a form-fitting dress, cotton blouse and either a flared or pencil skirt, or a pair of straight linen pants. Regardless of what you choose to wear, these lively and spirited pumps will have you looking and feeling good, from sunup to sundown.  

1. Total Motion 75mm Scalloped Heel 

Pumps have dominated this list, so it should come as no surprise that our Women’s Total Motion 75mm Scalloped Heel reigns supreme. This strut-worthy stunner is available in pink, black, and grey shades and its classic silhouette is accentuated by unique scalloping detail along the sides that will cement your status as the talk of the town (or office floor).  

Enjoy a tailored, glove-like fit and superior comfort – thanks to our advanced cushioning technology – so each and every step is confident and painless. A split suede non-slip helps prevent your heels from slipping or popping out the back.  

These pumps complement most any business casual and semiformal look, and the scalloped trim is sure to make any outfit pop.  

Wherever you work or wherever you’re headed, be sure to check out our impressive collection of business casual dress shoes for trendy, fashion-forward options ready to take you from Wall Street to Main Street.  

Top 5 Driving Mocs for Long Road Trips

Whether you’re headed across the country, the next state over, or up north, road trips are a classic American pastime. Despite the nostalgia and positive feelings often associated with this type of trip, it’s no secret that long hours on the road, stretches of road with nothing to see, and bickering kids in the backseat can burn you out on what should be a fun, adventurous escape.  

The right pair of men’s driving moccasins, or driving mocs, can go the extra mile to ensure smooth sailing (or cruising) to your next destination. Specially tailored for long drives, driving mocs first gained popularity in the 1960s as a more comfortable and flexible alternative to driving in uncomfortable dress shoes, and to prevent wear and tear to regular everyday shoes.  

So, what exactly is a driving moc? Sometimes referred to as a sportier version of the loafer, a driving moccasin is a slip-on shoe usually composed of leather or suede. It also features rubber grommet soles designed to provide extra grip, originally intended for men behind the wheel of luxury Italian sportscars, and often have no soles for enhanced flexibility, comfort, and driving performance.  

Although driving mocs were originally reserved exclusively for the wealthy elite, you no longer need a Ferrari or Lamborghini to flaunt driving mocs’ casual yet sophisticated style. Thanks to its evolving design, driving mocs are no longer limited to driving and serve as smart choices for a number of casual or semiformal occasions.  

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 driving mocs, perfect for your next road trip.  

5. Let’s Walk Slip On 

With enhanced forefoot flexibility and state-of-the-art, foamed-back lining for extra cushioning and all-day comfort, our Men’s Let’s Walk Slip-On is an easy, practical, yet stylish choice for cross-country cruising.  

Also designed as a walking shoe, these slip-ons are constructed of extra breathable material and uses Ortholite® and EVA footbed technology to provide you with long-wear cushioning, perfect for stopping and exploring local hot spots along the way.  

Not driving? No worries! Our Men’s Let’s Walk Slip Ons can also be worn with slacks to the office or jazzed up with your favorite suit for more formal occasions. They’re available in black leather, tan leather, and dark olive nubuck.  

4. Langdon Gore Slip-On 

Our Langdon Gore Slip-On is the epitome of effortless, laid-back style. Intricately designed with a premium nubuck upper in a cool steel blue color, this slip-on is equipped with a memory foam footbed that contours to the shape of your foot for a personalized, glove-like fit and maximum comfort, perfect for long stretches on the road. The latest in truTECH® technology provides the best of the best in shock absorption and helps reduce foot fatigue to support you during all-day wear.  

Extremely versatile, these can be worn anywhere that calls for casual and relaxed style. Pair them with khakis and a button-up shirt for an easy yet refined look perfect for a stroll along the coast, or with a pair of seersucker pants for a preppy, upscale look.  

3Cullen Venetian Slip-On 

For those looking for something a little more refined, check out our Cullen Venetian Slip-On, available in cognac brown and dress blue colors. The premium twin elastic gore makes for easy slip-on and slip-off, perfect for those mornings when you’re ready to hit the road fast.  

A flexible midsole allows for greater movement and flexibility to keep foot fatigue at bay during long drives, and our advanced shock absorption system is designed keep you moving during sightseeing or other activity-filled days.  

Trip coming to an end? Don’t put these slip-ons away just yet. Just like our Men’s Let’s Walk Slip-On, the Cullen Venetian’s style and color is polished enough to wear to the office or a night out on the town.  

2Total Motion Sport Dress Penny Loafer 

Experience top-tier comfort and luxury style with our Total Motion Sport Dress Penny Loafer, available in six different hues, and in medium and wide widths for a more customized fit.  

A top-notch removable EVA footbed provides world-class cushioning for enhanced comfort on the go, and a lightweight yet durable outsole absorbs impact for all-day wear. Moisture-wicking materials keep your feet dry on hot summer days driving through the desert or on quick strolls around the rest stop to stretch your legs.  

The Total Motion Sport Dress Penny Loafer pairs well with your favorite suit for a more comfortable spin on traditional office footwear, as well as with jeans and shorts for casual, confident everyday wear.  

1. Cullen Penny Loafer 

Our modern take on a classic style, the Men’s Cullen Penny Loafer is the ultimate in both comfort and style. Available in cognac and dark brown colors, these boating shoe doubles as a high-performance driving shoe.  

A high-quality leather upper and cushiony midsole provide long-lasting comfort to reduce foot fatigue, so you can keep your foot on the gas pedal and continue to go that extra mile. Lightweight shock absorption reduces the impact of each step so you can explore more roadside attractions along the way.  

If you’re headed to a hotel, the Cullen Penny Loafer can be sported with swim shorts and a classic polo for a cool poolside look perfect for sunset happy hour on the patio. For something more refined, pair with a blazer and chinos.  

Wherever you’re headed, Rockport’s collection of men’s driving moccasins has something for everyone. With free shipping on orders over $125 and superior styles to choose from, preparing for your next road trip just got easier.  

So, where are you headed?

Comfortable Heels for a Long Night Out

Sometimes, your nights are just as busy as your days. Maybe you have dinners with clients, or you might be social butterfly so a “relaxing night in” is not a part of your vocabulary. Whatever your reason is for going out on the town, looking the part is often just as important as what you’re doing or where you’re going.  

When you think of spending a night out with your friends, high heels are probably the first thing that come to mind when considering what shoes to wear. After all, dressing up from head to toe is part of the fun.  

While you might associate heels with clubbing, dancing, and parties, you probably also associate them with pain and discomfort, and can probably already picture yourself ditching your shoes and going barefoot halfway through the night.  

Painting the town red should be focused on fun, not on the discomfort caused by your shoes.  

With Rockport’s collection of comfortable heels, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort and a feel-good fit for nightlife-friendly style. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite cutting-edge looks that are sure to be a hit on the dance floor – and with your arches, toes, and ankles too. 

Women’s Total Motion Sheehan Heel  

If you’re looking for traditional yet sophisticated style versatile enough to be paired with nearly everything in your closet, meet our Women’s Total Motion Sheehan Heel. Available in black and ivory for no-nonsense style or in leopard or yellow for something a little more adventurous, this anything-but-ordinary pump is destined to be your go-to shoe for girls’ night out.  

A sleek profile, classic silhouette, and pointed toe recreate a timeless style adaptable enough for a number of looks. Whether you pair these comfortable heels with a form-fitting mini-dress or with cuffed skinny jeans for a laid-back, more casual look, the Total Motion Sheehan Heel is prepared to go the distance.  

This pump’s bold yet sensible three-inch heel is reinforced with a high-quality steel shank and uses a fortified TPU for enhanced stability to power you through the wildest of nights. A split suede non-slip reduces heel movement to ensure your feet remain secure as you dance the night away.  

Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Strap Boot 

For a comfortable heel bootie that provides a little more ankle support, look no further than our Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Strap Boot, exuding the absolute best in both comfort and confidence. This smart yet sexy strappy ankle boot comes in stunning, smooth black leather. It’s available in both medium and wide styles to ensure the best fit possible.  

These comfortable heels are expertly crafted with cement construction and state-of-the-art truTECH® and truTECH+® technology to offer the best in lightweight comfort and shock absorption.  A high-performance foam-backed lining and cushioned interior sole provide the coziness of a walking shoe, and a simple wraparound buckle enhances the effortless style. 

Pair the Total Motion Ariahnna Strap Boot with tight black jeans or a mini-skirt along with your favorite leather jacket for a cool, unexpected look that will have you turning heads all night long.  

Women’s Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump 

Add a splash of color to your nighttime wardrobe with the Women’s Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump. Available in fifteen shades – classic and vivacious – including mustard snake, pearl patent, orange, and pink, this not-so-typical pump packs a powerful punch in both style and comfort. 

These comfortable heels are available in wide and medium widths for a more personalized, glove-like fit. Experience enhanced comfort, thanks to a high-quality midsole cushion and non-slip suede back to prevent slippage and keep your heels securely in place.    

Total Motion® technology provides increased flexibility and ultimate shock absorption that reduces foot fatigue and keeps each and every step as light and airy as the first. Easily paired with dresses, jeans, and dress slacks, this colorful addition to your footwear arsenal is comfortable enough for all-night wear while showcasing a bolder look.  

Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot 

If you didn’t think it’s possible to reconcile comfort with a slim, stylish heel, think again. Our Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot is a breathtaking game-changer guaranteed to become one of your girls’ night out favorites. Available in taupe, black, and brown shades as well as wide and medium widths for improved fit, these comfortable heels are ready to party.  

Exclusive Total Motion® technology makes discomfort nothing more than an afterthought, thanks to groundbreaking cushioning and flexibility, while lightweight truTECH® and truTECH+® comfort systems offer the best in impact absorption.  

The sleek, sexy three-inch heel is bolstered by cement construction and a TPU outsole for added support and stability, while a textile lining and footbed cover provide enhanced breathability for superior, all-night comfort.  

Women’s Total Motion 75mm Scalloped D’Orsay Heel 

Take your love of pumps to the next level with our Women’s Total Motion 75mm Scalloped D’Orsay Heel, available in a delicately pale pink and classic black leather. Intricately scalloped edges add a fun and flirty twist to this trusted date night favorite. 

Lightweight comfort is infused into this fashion-forward style, thanks to truTECH® and truTECH+ technology. Our patented system enhances shock absorption so you can take every step with confidence. A TPU midsole offers sleek yet supported lift for elevated style, while foam-backed linings go the extra mile by increasing cushioning and comfort.  

Thanks to its attention-grabbing d’orsay style, these comfortable heels can be paired with a form-fitting dress, pencil skirt, or your favorite pair of jeans for a glam nighttime look that’s anything but ordinary.  

Nights out should never be bogged down by uncomfortable shoes, and bold, striking style should not be sacrificed for long-wearing comfort. Thanks to our collection of comfortable heels, comfort and style reach new heights. Find your perfect pair today. 

4 Women’s Loafers: Perfect for Fall

Goodbye summer, hello fall! Not only does fall bring cooler weather, earlier sunsets, and changing leaves, but it also provides you with an opportunity to take advantage of the year’s fall fashion trends.  

When you think of fall, you might imagine trading in your favorite pair of flip flops for a stylish pair of ankle booties. While we’re certainly fans of ankle booties, we thought we’d take the time to highlight an often-underappreciated form of women’s footwear: the women’s loafer.  

Loafers? Yes, loafers! While penny loafers may be the first (and only) thing that comes to mind, fear not, as the women’s loafer has evolved to include a variety of styles that are bound to make these slip-ons your go-to autumn favorite.  

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite styles from Rockport’s current collection, so the transition from summer to fall will be as effortless as your sense of style.  

Women’s Daisey Slip-On 

Enjoy the carefree attitude of summer infused among fall-inspired fashion with our Women’s Daisey Slip-On, available in almond, black, and stone shades. This attractive slip-on features unique artisan craftsmanship such as antiqued buttons, intricate cut-outs, and burnished leather. It’s available in three different width options to provide you with a proper, more personalized fit.  

A modest 1-inch heel gives you a subtle lift, while a moisture-wicking microsuede lining enhances breathability – perfect for combatting the lingering summer heat as we transition into fall. A glossy leather upper and reinforced nylon shank offers increased stability and durability for long-wearing comfort and support to get you through busy back-to-school and back-to-work weeks.  

A removable EVA footbed and cleverly crafted cushion pod provide premium forefoot flexibility to keep foot fatigue at bay and propel you through long days at the office or sunset strolls through the park.  

Women’s Total Motion Zuly Slip-On 

Dare to try something different with our Women’s Total Motion Zuly Slip-On, a modern twist on the classic mule. Available in both tan and white leopard prints for fun and flirty style, this sultry slip-on is destined to become one of your fall footwear favorites.  

Boasting premium materials such as soft calf hair and a patent piped trim, this women’s shoe is ready to turn heads with every step. Revolutionary truTECH® and truTECH®+ technology offers top-notch shock absorption at the heel as well as rebound at the forefront to keep each step feeling as light and airy as the first.  

A premium leather footbed and moisture-wicking lining prevents the need for socks while maintaining a soft and breathable feel. A retention foam footbed molds to the specific contours of your foot to provide the best in all-day comfort and lightweight durability.  

Take casual fall style to an entirely new level by pairing the Total Motion Zuly Slip-Ons with your favorite pair of paperbag waist pants or skinny jeans, or with a romper or maxi skirt for a relaxed look that will give summer fashion a run for its money.  

Women’s Adelyn New Loafer 

Dare to try something different with our Women’s Total Motion Adelyn New Loafer, a modern twist on a classic style. Available in both blue and sand bouclé prints for fun and flirty style, this sultry slip-on is destined to become one of your fall footwear favorites.  

Boasting premium materials including woven textiles, this women’s shoe is ready to turn heads with every step. Revolutionary truTECH® and truTECH®+ technology offers top-notch shock absorption at the heel as well as rebound at the forefront to keep each step feeling as light and airy as the first. A retention foam footbed molds to the specific contours of your foot to provide the best in all-day comfort and lightweight durability.  

Take casual fall style to an entirely new level by pairing the Total Motion Adelyn New Loafer with your favorite pair of paperbag waist pants or skinny jeans, or with a romper or maxi skirt for a relaxed look that will give summer fashion a run for its money.  

Women’s Total Motion Adelyn Laser Loafer 

Take the first step toward unparalleled fall fashion with our Women’s Total Motion Adelyn Laser Loafer. While it may appear to be just another flat shoe at first glance, this women’s loafer is anything but ordinary. A bold pointed toe, warm iron hue, and glossy golden heel make for a flawless, versatile fall favorite.  

High fashion meets street style with the Adelyn Laser Loafer’s metallic cutout designs – and these shoes offer the best in cushioning and comfort, thanks to a foam-backed lining and insole. Split suede non-slip material keeps your feet in place and reduces heel movement to prevent slippage, while NZYM™-treated linings provide odor control and a moisture-wicking feel.  

This jaunty, flat-style shoe is extremely adaptable and plays well with just about any pair of jeans for an easy, yet sophisticated fall time look that turns every walkway into a runway. 

Whether you’re looking for that classic penny loafer style or the modern variants that evolved from it, Rockport’s collection of women’s loafers offer the very best in both comfort and style, so you’ll be looking good and feeling good all autumn long.  

DresSports: Life’s a Marathon. Plan Accordingly.

Stephen DP Post 1 Header

Stephen Rathbun, native New Yorker, avid runner and Key Account Representative here at Rockport, will be running the Boston Marathon this coming April in our DresSports shoes, one of the first dress shoes to be infused with sport technology. Since the creation of DresSports, Rockport has twice put the shoes to the test with runners completing marathons wearing the shoes, and now Stephen  (along with other Rockport employees and fans around the world) will mark the franchise’s 35th anniversary by running races in limited edition DresSports, proving once again that DresSports are so comfortable, you can actually run a marathon in them. Over the next few months, Stephen will keep us updated on his progress here as he trains for the marathon in his current residence of Hoboken, New Jersey. 

This April, I am incredibly excited to be running the Boston Marathon in Rockport’s hometown and in Rockport shoes. Though my training focus fluctuates throughout the year, I generally run between 60 and 90 miles per week. I am not a marathon runner, per se, but I have run 4 marathons, including Boston in 2015 with a PR of 2:42. I am comfortable with the idea of the distance; it is palatable for me. I would not say it is easy by any stretch – a marathon never is – and, while I’ve never run in dress shoes before, I have full faith in the support and technology built into the DresSports line. Over the next few months I will be chronicling my journey as I train for the big day.


Pictured: the limited edition DresSports 2 Fast Marathon shoe, a sleek wingtip-athletic hybrid that continues the DresSports tradition of combining sporty features with boardroom-appropriate benefits. Available at select Rockport retail stores and wholesale accounts around the world, starting Fall 2018.

As we currently stand, I am about 4 weeks into the initial phase of my Boston build up. As anyone who has lived the first few weeks of 2018 in the Northeast can attest, we have not seen the most pleasant weather. I grew up in Syracuse, often referred to as the “Snowiest City in America.” I know cold but when we get below 20 degrees (-6 Celsius for our metric friends) the motivation sags. Thankfully, I am part of a great running group here in New Jersey: the Garden State Track Club. When I have others to log miles and workouts with, I always seem to have a better continuity to my training.

I also travel frequently for work. Within a given 2 to 3 month period, I will travel to Seattle, Boston and Toronto at least once. This may put a cramp on some peoples’ training plans but I look at it with a different scope. I use the Strava running app to help me find new and popular running routes. Running in new cities is a great way to explore and create excitement in the drudgery that running can bring.

Thankfully, Seattle (where I spend quite a bit of time each month) has a more temperate climate and doesn’t see extreme colds.  I was there last week and it was certainly a nice reprieve from the Northeast Winter. I can see why the elite runners train in Flagstaff, AZ or Mammoth Lakes, CA; it is much easier to get out the door when you don’t have to put on 20 different layers of clothing. Good news is, next week I will be in Florida so at least one of my Build Up to Boston weeks can be in shorts weather. More on that in my next post (expect Disney pics!). In the meantime, to follow me on my DresSports pursuit, check out my Strava profile @StephenRathbun.

In comfort,


How to Rock: Perf Booties into Fall


Krystal Faircloth shares practical style tips as well as her favorite women’s fashion brands on her personal style blog, A Pinch of Lovely.

To me, August can be one of the trickiest months to dress for because it’s still technically summer, but retailers are introducing all of their new fall clothing – so what’s the compromise? My advice is to re-purpose pieces already in your closet for an easy seasonal update.


Open-Toe Booties: Open-toe booties are one of the best transitional shoe styles. They look adorable with summer dresses right up until you need to pull out the jeans. Rockport’s Total Motion Perf Bootie combines comfort with on-trend details you’ll be seeing everywhere this season, and it comes in both khaki and black – both of which are perfect shades to transition into late summer/early fall outfits. Wear with both jeans and dresses for an effortlessly stylish silhouette.


Distressed Denim: Distressed jeans will be back in a major way for fall – so many ways to wear them! They are the perfect answer for transitioning into pre-fall denim. You can wear them with camisoles and open shoulder tops now in warmer months. Or, pair them with sweaters and motorcycle jackets later in colder temperatures.


Classic Tops: These are going to be essential pieces as you start transitioning into cardigans and light jackets. I have a tendency to attach to classic styles that are both universally flattering and versatile from year-to-year. Try a fitted button-up top with a feminine silhouette that will pair nicely with your Rockport booties.


Paired with denim and a classic white top (as seen here), the Total Motion Perf Bootie adds detailed interest while complementing the casual vibes of the leather. Worn both now and later, the booties’ intricate perforations create a chic and polished element to your outfit. You won’t mind spending time on your feet in these booties, no matter the season!

Photos by Lainey Reed

How to Rock: Wingtips in Warm Weather

Ryan Rosenkilde is the creator of Brick + Vine, a menswear and lifestyle blog based in Orange County, CA that covers everything from style and grooming to cocktails and home décor.

I’ve spent my entire life living in Southern California, so I can tell you it has a pretty long list of benefits. You’re always within a short drive of the beach, the desert or the mountains. Perhaps the number one benefit is that we have some of the best weather on the planet. It’s generally mild, sunny and pretty spectacular.

However, springtime can be a mixed bag, and you never know exactly what you’re going to get. One day you’ll be sun-drenched and enjoying eighty-degree weather, and the next it will be drizzling and gloomy. For this reason, having a closet full of versatile pieces comes in handy. They all have to function no matter the weather. I’m a huge fan of footwear that can work with a variety of looks—pants, shorts, whatever – because you never know when a heat wave is going to hit.

Let’s just agree on one thing: wingtips go with pretty much everything. I often wear wingtips casually, but I also got married in them. They’re so versatile and have just enough detail to add a stylish pop to any look. That’s why I’m particularly loving the Wyat Wingtip Oxford. The detailing is amazing, and they are so comfortable it’s like walking on a cloud. And to prove just how versatile they are, I put together two looks to get your style juices flowing.

Rockport Pants Look-1Rockport Pants Look-6Rockport Pants Look-2

For my first look I started with dark jeans. Dark denim is always a good choice. Whether you’re spending a casual day at the office or going out on a dinner date, it will always be your friend. I’ve especially been loving dark denim with my spring style obsession: a collarless button up. Collarless shirts (sometimes referred to as Mandarin collars) aren’t new by any means, but they’ve made a huge resurgence this season, and I’m loving it. They add the interest of a button up without the stuffiness of a collar. Mine is made from a lightweight linen perfect for the warm season ahead – and you can’t go wrong with a classic stripe. Adding the wingtips grounds the whole look and perfectly pulls it all together.

Rockport Shorts Look-1 Rockport Shorts Look-4 Rockport Shorts Look-3For my second look, I thought of one of my biggest challenges when putting looks together during the warmer seasons. In the spring or summer getting dressed can sometimes get a little monotonous as shorts and t-shirts start to get old. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good shorts and t-shirt look, but I like being able to mix it up a bit every so often to find new ways of putting together casual looks. Taking a staple warm weather outfit like shorts and a t-shirt and then layering a short sleeve button up over it is the perfect way to inject some fun with a stripe or a bold print. Plus, keeping it open won’t cause you to overheat on warmer days. The leather wingtips with the shorts give a casual look a smart, stylish edge.

With something as versatile as a pair of the Wyat Wingtip Oxford, the possibilities for stylish spring and summer looks are truly endless.

Get more inspiration from Ryan by following @ryan.rosenkilde on Instagram.

The Only Shoes You’ll Need This Wedding Season


Weddings can be quite the whirlwind. Even if you’re only attending as a guest, it’s typically a day-long affair that includes travel (to the venue, from the venue) and, of course, lots of dancing. What you’re wearing can make or break how the day goes, especially when it comes to your shoes.

Good news: gone are the days of stuffing flats in your bag, swapping your shoes for flip flops or (gasp!) going barefoot on the dance floor. We’ve rounded up our favorite footwear picks (read: chicest and most comfortable) for your next fete, and they won’t leave your feet ill-fated.


Pumps For Days (And Nights): For most affairs, casual or dressy, comfortable pumps are classy and chic. But not all pumps are created equal. When shopping for heels to wear to a wedding, look for supportive cushioning and a heel height that you’ll be comfortable walking in for several hours. The pumps in our Total Motion Collection bend and move, molding to your feet as you walk (or dance!). They come in a wide range of heel heights and colors, including animal prints, florals and blush tone patents, so they can be the star of your ensemble or take a back seat, depending on your style.


Pictured: Total Motion 75mm Pump in Multi Floral Leather ($120) | Total Motion Kalila Pump in Dark Warm Taupe Patent ($120) | Total Motion Slingback in Smog Patent ($120)

The Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump, the highest heel in the group at three inches (75mm), comes in more than 15 colors in various materials. The floral pattern above is one of our favorites for spring. We’d pair them with a muted pastel dress or pant suit. If your frock is a little more festive, try one of the blush tones like pale mauve or rose cloud patent. If you like this classic pump style but are looking for a little less lift, opt for our Kalila pump which stands at about two inches (50mm). For a pump that’s more opened up, try the Pointed Toe Sling with a sling-back heel that comes in just under three inches.

A Wingtip Kind Of Wedding: For the guys, we’re still having a major “brogue-mance” with wingtips. We love their tonal texture (a la our Style Purpose Collection), they go with more hues than you might think, and they elevate any suited look. For a style that’s a bit more subdued, try our Style Connected Wingtip. It features subtle detailing and full grain leathers and comes in a medley of colors, ranging from classic black and brown to dark green and navy. From a casual grey suit to a black tie getup, this range will have you covered. Either way, weddings = wingtips in our book.


Pictured: Style Purpose Wingtip in Dark Bitter Chocolate ($110) | Style Purpose Wingtip in Black ($110) | Style Connected Wingtip in Black ($130)


Don’t Fear The Flats: Ladies, don’t be afraid to wear comfortable flats (yes, we said flats) to your next wedding. They’re a great choice for any heel-fearing folks and come quite fancy this season. Opt for a standard flat pump or try a pump with a little lift, like our Total Motion Hidden Wedge Tied Ballet. We love the slight golden shimmer in the style pictured below.


Pictured: Total Motion Adelyn Ballet in Nude AM Lux ($120) | Total Motion Hidden Wedge Perf in Nude ($120) | Total Motion Hidden Wedge Tied Ballet in Ash Snake ($120)


Covet Thy Cap Toe: Guys, if you’re just not wild about wingtips but want a little more than a plain toe, try a cap toe on for size. The DresSports Modern Cap Toe is a smart looking shoe with shock absorption to help reduce foot fatigue and a moisture-wicking lining to keep your feet cool and comfortable all night long. For a look that’s a little more trendy, try the Jaxson Cap Toe which features soft nubuck leathers, a matte metallic footbed, and a white athletic sole. For rainy day weddings, stick with the Essential Details Waterproof Cap Toe. Its waterproof leather, seam sealed, waterproof insole, and gusseted tongue will help keep feet dry and focused on fun. Cap Toe

Pictured: DresSports Modern Cap Toe in New Brown Leather ($150) | Jaxson Cap Toe in Castlerock Grey ($150) | Essential Details Waterproof Cap Toe in Brown Antique Leather ($100)

DG_V82683_V82742_LS_7494 (1)

Pop those RSVP cards in the mail and rest easy. With these fresh footwear ideas, you’ll be the first and last on the dance floor this wedding season.

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Mens Gift Guide

While many say Valentine’s Day is for the girls, we think it’s a perfect time to give that special guy in your life some love. Here, we’ve curated our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him – no-brainer presents that are personal, practical and on point.
Essential Details Waterproof WingtipsFrom the busy businessman to the trend-driven traveler, these waterproof wingtips are sure to delight even the most discerning gentleman. He can wear them right from the office to date night, and the waterproof construction will be sure to keep his feet dry, no matter the weather.

Kick his shoes up a notch – whether they’re classic wingtips, waterproof boots or modern oxfords – with a pop of color. These colorful, contrasting laces are available in seven fun colors.
Shoe Laces
Keep tabs on his heart with this special edition activity and heart rate Fitbit. The device syncs with his smartphone and offers features like calories burned and sleep quality tracking to help achieve his training, sleep and fitness goals. Pair this with a pair of our men’s walking shoes for the ultimate gift.
He can say goodbye to pesky cords with these durable, in-ear wireless headphones, featuring an enhanced volume-optimized audio experience and an in-line remote and microphone to effortlessly skip a song or take a call.  These babies are also sweat and weather-resistant. Pair them with his favorite waterproof shoes for a worry-free adventure.
Keep his phone case classy with this leather-wrapped shell from Shinola. Available in three additional hues.
Phone Case
This handcrafted leather cardholder from one of our favorite local brands, American Bench Craft, features metal rivets and a sleek two-pocket profile for a stylish way to keep his stuff secure.
Business Card HolderHe can stash even more stuff in this retro-inspired backpack from Herschel Supply Co. Also available in grey.
Help him keep time in style with this sophisticated chronograph watch from Shinola, featuring a stopwatch function and their signature coin edge detail on the case.
Shinola Watch
We love the plaid print on this silk and linen tie from The Tie Bar. The perfect pattern to go with just about everything (including our comfortable men’s dress shoes).

Keep your man cozy and comfortable in these genuine suede loafer slippers featuring a convenient slip on design and durable rubber soles.
He’ll wear these premium argyle crew socks with everything from his wingtips at work to his comfortable slippers at home.
Mens Socks
This handy 5-in-1 grill tool will have him tail-gate ready with a basting brush, spatula, grill fork, corkscrew and bottle opener all-in-one convenient carrying pouch. A single-letter monogram etched in the rosewood handle adds a personalized touch.
BBQ ToolsBy now you must know we care about your man’s feet. Top off his footwear needs with this paste polish containing the highest grade of waxes and oils, as well as rich colors for restoring faded footwear.
Shoe Cleaner

Still stuck on a gift idea for your sweetie? Not to worry, the Rockport gift card is the gift that keeps on giving (not only can he can shop Rockport, but our brother brand, Dunham, too).
Rockport Gift CardHere’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love, heart and sole. xo

Gift Guide: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Women's Vday Gift-GuideCalling all guys and Galentine’s: Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and we have the ultimate gift guide for the special woman in your life. From the active fashionista to the trendy techie, you’re sure to find the winning gift in our Valentine’s Day roundup.

As we like to say, “Shoe love is true love,” so what better way to show your devotion than with a new pair of sexy (yet practical) heels? These on-trend cutout shooties  in dark vino suede will take her effortlessly from day to date-night.
Kalila BootieAs you probably know, we are HUGE fans of functional fashion over here at Rockport, so we were psyched by this jewelry find with hidden technology. This sleek bracelet hides a built-in iPhone charger for the girl on-the-go who can’t be pestered with pausing to charge her phone (aka: all of us!).
iPhone Charger

This “kiss me” phone case from Kate Spade would make a cheeky companion gift to the charger or some fun phone flair for your friends.
iPhone Case
We’ll be hitting our 10,000 steps in comfort come V-Day with this limited edition lavender Fitbit – featuring rose gold accents and a beveled band – and these lightweight walking shoes.  Capture her heart in more ways than one with an activity tracker that’s both beautiful and beneficial.
Because what’s a proper Galentine’s Day without wine? Your favorite ladies will love these stemless wine glasses from Slant Collections.
Galentine StemlessA Wine GlassAfter a wild night in or a girl’s night out, give the gift of beauty sleep with this heart eyes satin sleep mask from PJ Salvage. We swear by these!
Sleepmask Hearts

Cozy up to your companion with this ‘Cuddle Up’ Faux Fur Heart Accent Pillow from Nordstrom Home.
Heart Pillow

While we believe shoes are a girl’s best friend, diamonds do come in a close second. This diamond-encrusted pendant is a pretty present with a personalized touch. She can pair them with these elegant pointed toe pumps  for a night out.
Diamond Necklace

This “Work Wallet” does double duty. It can be thrown in her work bag by day and come out as a clutch by night.
Rockport Wallet

Pucker up! Give the gift of smooth lips this V-Day with Dior’s Color Reviver Balm, featuring color technology that reacts with the chemistry of your lips to bring out their natural hue.
Lip Glow

There’s something sophisticatedly sexy about this rose gold and leather watch by Olivia Burton. It’s elegant yet simple and a complete steal at $150.
Olivia Burton Watch

Set the mood for a romantic evening with this candle from Illume. It comes in a unique glass jar with an ombré finish and is available in four interesting scents (coconut milk mango, watermint, grapefruit oleander and cloverleaf nectar).
Illume Candle

For the ultimate gift of luxury, Crème de la Mer Moisturizing Cream is a creamy cult classic that is sure to deliver smooth, soft skin overnight (so the reviews say!).
La Mer

While some may think gifting candy cliché, that’s just not the case when it comes to sugarfina. Satisfy her sweettooth with the Rosé All Day Bento Box, wine-inspired gummy bears and gummy roses. Even the packaging looks yummy!
Sugarfina Candy

Still stuck on a gift idea for your sweetie? Not to worry, she can shop Rockport (or Aravon, our sister brand) with the Rockport gift card.
Rockport Gift Card

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope your February 14th is filled with lots of love, heart and sole. xo

West Coast Winter Style with Saul Rasco

Trend Styled Saul Rasco

Saul Rasco is the creator of Trend Styled, a lifestyle blog based in Los Angeles and New York City covering all things men’s style, grooming, fitness, and travel.

Spoiled by sunshine just about every day of the year here in Los Angeles, it’s nice to get into some winter footwear. Now that I can finally wear the layers and my season-appropriate Rockport footwear, it’s starting to feel a lot like winter!

Rockport Ledge Hill 2 Chukka
Don’t get me wrong, I love the weather Cali has to offer, but nothing beats getting into some winter footwear. These Rockport Ledge Hill 2 Chukkas are the perfect West Coast boots with a light-weight feel and a style-minded appeal. I like to pair mine with denim for most days exploring my new city, but they are easily versatile enough to dress up a bit for those important date nights. Rockport didn’t skip the EVA outsole and midsole it’s known for [which helps with shock absorption], so no matter the occasion, you’ll be doing it with equal comfort and style.

Saul Curasco
The only obstacle I face in moving to L.A. is dressing for a warmer than usual winter season. When living in New York City, it was vital to pack on the heavier footwear and coats and double up on as many layers as possible. West Coast vibes are all about finding pieces that look cozy and winter-esque without actually weighing you down. Since Rockport hooked me up with a great pair of chukkas [basically the best boot style for any season], all I needed was a great piece of outerwear that didn’t make me overheat.

Shearling is one of the biggest trends this season, so I knew I had to find a way to style it into my wardrobe. While most shearling coats can be on the heavier side, I paired mine down with a lightweight tee and some casual distressed denim to get me through that sunny Cali weather while still giving me those cozy, winter vibes I’ve been missing. I can’t really complain about this weather though… it keeps me active and always exploring my new city!

Saul in Ledge Hill 2 Chukka
Today’s adventure took me to a Los Angeles landmark – Carney’s! Founded in 1975, it is now a Sunset Strip landmark you can’t miss. Made from an old Pacific Railroad passenger cart, this is one of the most unique restaurants I’ve ever been to. With a simple menu of burgers and hotdogs, this is a must if you’re visiting SoCal!

With work-wear inspired Rockport Chukka’s, I felt like I should have been working on the railroad myself… except all I could do was think about getting one of their delicious burgers! Hey, at least I looked the part!

Find more of Saul’s style inspiration by following @SaulRasco on Instagram.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for his post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

A Day in the Life: Flat Out from Dusk to Dawn

Bridget Hunt is a mom and lifestyle blogger from the North Shore of Boston, MA where she loves life for most of the year. She’s got six kids (it’s a crazy story!), and when they’re not keeping her busy, you can find her snapping pictures, taking walks to local coffee shops or the library, or scanning the pages of Airbnb dreaming up the next family vacation.

Bridget Hunt Adelyn
The days are long but the years are short. It’s the anthem of mothers everywhere, isn’t it? Those long days that start at dawn, fueled by caffeine to meet the requests of your little ones, followed by rifling through recipe books for a dinner plan, interrupted by a dirty diaper or two, all humming along to the tune of Daniel Tiger. On and on and on it goes, like groundhog day, and then suddenly your baby is off to high school.

Bridget Hunt Adelyn
Are you crying yet? No? Just me? All of that aside, it takes a lot of energy and more than a cup of coffee in the morning. It takes a village! And… a comfortable pair of shoes. (You knew where I was going with this, didn’t you?) I love shoes that check the form and function boxes. These flats have serious cushioning material–almost what you’d find in a sneaker–making them totally suitable for running wherever your day takes you (running after energetic kids if you’re like me).

Add your favorite boyfriend jeans (I rotate between this pair and my black skinny jeans–over and over again!) and the perfect chambray shirt. Break up that denim on denim with some florals or a cozy cardigan and scarf, and call it a day.

Bridget Hunt Adelyn
These Total Motion Adelyn Ballet Flats are comfortable enough for Cider Hill, our favorite New England farm (think apple cider donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar and all the pick-your-own apples you could ever want!), and cute enough for date night at your favorite restaurant. They’re comfortable enough to head to Boston to stroll down Charles Street and grab yourself a little something at Follain, known for its healthy beauty products. They’re also cute enough for girls night at Neptune Oyster, one of Boston’s famed North End restaurants.

My day in them? School drop off, a farm visit for some of our favorite milk and a visit to the goats, returning books to the library and taking more out (dinosaurs! Paw Patrol! And the story of how all the Marvel superheroes got their start! #Lifewithboys), lunch, playground, school pickup, groceries, and home for dinner. Phew. On to the next day in this year that’s flying by.

Bridget Hunt Adelyn

Find more of Bridget’s style inspiration by following @ItsAHuntLife on Instagram.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

Five Fall Trends on the Heels of Fashion Week

Kelly Augustine
My name is Kelly Augustine, a 20-something born and raised in NYC. I love to love life and to share my interests and experiences, mostly centered around my personal style with a focus on plus size fashion, beauty and cosmetics, natural hair, and NYC lifestyle.

As seasons transition in New York City, we’re scrambling to soak up the little bits of sun and warm weather we have left. We’re also determining how best to dress as the temperature goes from chilly to warm then back to chilly throughout the day. Both style and comfort are key as I hop from the subway to Ubers, catching a rooftop drink with friends or a Broadway show with my family.

Kelly Augustine Total Motion Kalila Cutout Shootie 1
Leaving my home every morning, I never know where the day might take me – especially during New York Fashion Week. This year, I ended up in the Meatpacking District watching the sun set on a rooftop overlooking the water. A girlfriend and I made our way to The Top of the Standard for a quick glass of champagne.

Kelly Augustine Champagne
Hunger-stricken after taking in the view and catching another fashion show, we walked across the street to Chelsea Market to grab bowls of delicious seafood and noodles. Cull & Pistol had very fresh fish and even fresher beats. The calm lighting and great music was a nice reprieve from all of the running around we’d been doing.

Kelly Augustine Oysters
From there, we trudged to the High Line (an elevated park that used to be a railroad) to catch the sun set. From a fashion show to a party to dinner and a park, Kalila was with me throughout the entire night. There’s a ton of amazingly supportive cushion in both the foot bed and the heel that really held up throughout the day. I was so happy to have a shoe that was both incredibly functional and so stylish.

Speaking of style – between fashion shows and dinner with friends, I spied some major trends on the streets in-between shows during Fashion Week:

The 90s are back: Everywhere I turned, I saw a choker necklace. Some were lace, some were leather, some were even stacked on top of one another. Layering t-shirts under slip dresses is also making a comeback – bring it on.

Texture Mixing: While monotone minimalism hasn’t completely disappeared, it’s being amped up by mixing textures. Black-on-black is taking on a new life, mixing velvets, lace and silks. Creams, reds, and navy in different fabrics are dominating Fall wardrobes.

Bomber Jackets: It seems as if leather jackets have been traded in for bomber jackets this season. Draped over shoulders, worn oversized, or cropped, bomber jackets dominated the streets. In classic olive tones or embroidered with florals, it looks like you’ll need at least one statement jacket in your closet this Fall.

Power Shoulder: Bare shoulders are back again this season, but only one is giving the peek-a-boo. There were lots of oversized button-down shirts worn off of one shoulder (and even backwards!).

Comfort Rules: When you think fashion, you think the click-clack of high heels…but not this season. This time it’s all about comfort – almost everyone was stomping from show to show in sneakers or low-heeled shoes. Enter my comfortable heels – the Kalila shooties were a perfect fit!

Find more of Kelly’s style inspiration by following @KellyAugustineB on Instagram.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

Summer Business as Usual in New York City

Trend Styled Summer
Saul Carrasco is the creator of Trend Styled, a lifestyle blog based in New York City. Originally a Texas native, Saul portrays his laid back aesthetic through his #OOTD posts which include images from his daily adventures in NYC and beyond. When he is not posting daily style inspiration, he can also be seen covering a wide range of topics, including grooming, health and fitness, and travel. Here, he shows us his city-approved day-to-night looks and shares a few of his favorite NYC destinations.

There’s nothing better than those warm, summer days where we can soak up some sun on a good patio, enjoy a refreshing iced coffee between meetings outside, and of course, get into some style refreshers. I’m feeling super nautical today with my work to play transition. From a full day of meetings to a night out with some friends, it’s usually pretty hard to make it home in between the day’s activities. Plus, you just never know where your day might lead you.
Trend Styled in Birch Lake BlucherToday started with a busy schedule of meetings. Walking being the main mode of transportation in NYC, my need for comfort is just as important as my need for style when stepping out for the day. A great blazer and tee combo is my usual go to when hopping around for meetings and today was no different. Just as comfortable as my clothing, I went for my new Birch Lake Bluchers that I’m loving for the season. Nothing beats a cool pair of blue suede shoes and these guys easily get me through my long days of walking with comfort technology that I love. I always find myself detouring through the Chelsea neighborhood, so I can walk the Highline Park as I make my way through some of my favorite art galleries in the galleries district. It helps to make a few stops to break up a day of meetings… and it doesn’t hurt that there’s some good A/C blasting in each gallery too.
Trend Styled in Birch LakeTrend Styled in Birch LakeTrend Styled in Colben OxfordsFrom work to play, I usually leave my apartment prepared to be out all day and into the evening, especially if I have plans at night. A fresh shirt and some casual kicks help to transform my ‘office-wear’ into my “night out with friends” kind of style. These Colben Oxfords are my usual go-tos, not overly casual or dressy, they’re the perfect shoes for whatever my day or night have in store. A quick coffee recharge at La Colombe – one of my many favorites in NYC – while enjoying some sun is one of my favorite things to do after a busy day of meetings. It’s little moments like these that help me to unwind and turn off “work-mode.”
Trend Styled in Colben Oxfords
Trend Styled in Colben OxfordsWhile there’s an endless amount of restaurants in New York City, summer is all about the patio destinations. Seamore’s, near Soho, is one of those warm weather spots. Avocado fritters, poké, fish tacos, and some delicious cocktails… what else do you need on a warm day?! Well, besides a good nightcap. After one too many fritters, I’ll finish my night at Mr. Purple – one of NYC’s newest rooftops that will, without a doubt, be a huge hot spot this summer. With a rooftop pool and some tasty small-bites, it’s the perfect place to finish a busy day trekking around NYC.

Trend Styled in Colben Oxfords

Find more of Saul’s style inspiration by following @TrendStyled on Instagram.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for his post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

How to Host a Summer Soiree in Comfort and Style

Laura Fuentes Party Prep
Laura Fuentes is the creator of MOMables.com and blogs over at LauraFuentes.com, a food and active-family lifestyle blog where she shares her recipes for success both in the kitchen and in life. Laura is a full-time working mom of three kids, author of three cookbooks, has competed on Food Network (and won!), and contributes to Today.com, Huffington Post, and more. She currently resides in a small town outside of New Orleans, LA.

With temperatures on the rise, many of us will be hosting outdoor soirees and BBQs this summer. As someone who feeds people outdoors often, I’ve learned a few tricks to do so in style and comfort while serving up a fresh variety of foods.

For us Southerners, the best part of any gathering is the food, of course! But the reality is that it can be overwhelming to plan the perfect backyard menu, one that will satisfy your guests’ appetites without making you (the cook) a slave to the kitchen.
Laura Fuentes in Weekend Casuals Lanea Cross SlideOne of my secrets to hosting any gathering is to never wear your party ensemble while preparing food. So, here you see me in a very casual outfit with shorts because I’m usually running around the house and kitchen getting everything ready. And, thanks to my Weekend Casuals Lanea Cross Slides, I’m practically gliding in comfort while prepping the food, pulling outdoor linens and party decor outside, as well as the last minute trip to the store for that one item I always seem to forget.

Planning a menu is a lot like planning the perfect outfit. Since I have the food aspect taken care of, the outfit is where I look for advice.

The most difficult part, for me, is which pair of shoes to pick. I’ve hosted many gatherings in heels while my guests wonder how on earth I’m able to still stand hours later. I tell them that my secret at work, the office, and at home, is the built-in comfort technology in all my heels. I’m the kind of girl who likes to stick with a basic outfit and let my feet do the impressing. Best part, I don’t need to trade comfort for cuteness when I wear my Rockports.
Laura Fuentes in Total Motion Pointed Toe PumpsBack to the party.

I had invited some friends over to show off our newly finished outdoor kitchen and to have a little fun over the weekend. Everyone brought items to barbecue, including sausage, shrimp, hamburger, and quite a few desserts.
Southwest Porabello from Laura FuentesSince there is always someone who prefers vegetarian dishes, I made a Spinach and Strawberry Salad and Southwestern Portobello Burgers with Jalapeño Ranch (image above) for our party. It’s safe to say that I like to feed a lot of people regularly, and over time, I’ve mastered the art of hosting gatherings.

My top five tips for entertaining a large crowd easily are:

1.    Go potluck style: Especially when inviting a lot of guests. This way, there is less pressure on the host to come up with a large serving of all recipes.

2.    Pick easy recipes: Be ready for when a guest asks you the dreaded question: “what can I bring?” Having a few easy recipes available to share with them via email is always helpful.

3.    Create a drink station: Whether you fill a big bucket with ice, bottles, and cans or fill large carafes with iced tea and fruit-flavored water, providing, self-serve stations are always easier on the host.

4.    Offer a few pre-barbecue meal options: Like salads and guacamole that guests can nibble on while waiting for the main courses to come off the barbecue.

5.    Provide heat-stable dessert options: I love serving up a large fruit salad, keeping popsicles inside a big ice bucket, and serving up a frozen watermelon salad when temperatures are hot. While brownies and cakes are delicious, they tend to melt and not be the best outdoor party option.

Finally, remember that summertime is fun, light, and most importantly, requires you to be comfortable. For our party, I chose a simple summer dress, jean jacket, and my Total Motion Adelyn Ballet in Pink Floral.
Laura Fuentes in Total Motion Adelyn
In the end, simple, delicious food and comfortable shoes make entertaining a breeze.

Discover more of Laura’s delicious food on LauraFuentes.com and on Instagram: @LauraSFuentes.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

Rockport Dads Share Their Father’s Day “Dad-tivities”

Fathers Day HeaderFather’s day is fast approaching and it’s got us all thinking about how we’re going to show the Dads in our lives how much we love and appreciate them. Sure, the typical Dad’s Day Gifts come to mind, but there’s also the subject of what to do.  It is, after all, his special day, so we found ourselves wondering: what is it that Dads really want to do on Father’s Day? Spend time with family? Play 18 holes? Binge watch their favorite TV show?

To find out, we polled some of the Dads in our office to get some real insight into what “Dad-tivities” would make their Father’s Day the perfect day.

“It would be awesome to hit up the beach, kick back and be pampered a little with some homemade sandwiches and my family around. I would be rocking the Cape Noble 2  down to the beach, but on arrival I would switch into the Kevka Lake Slide  for the ultimate chill mode, saving the Cape Nobles for the night out with the family.”
–    Norris Padmore, Graphic Designer
Fathers Day Norris

“I’m running a Father’s Day 5K roadrace with my kids in the morning, followed by golfing with my son and father-in-law in the afternoon, and ending the day with an evening cookout with all siblings, nieces, nephews and Dads! I’ll be wearing the Path to Greatness Slip On for the evening’s festivities.”
–    James Walsh, Sr. Director, Innovation & Active
Path to Greatness slip on“I am actually going to be living my ideal Father’s Day: Going out on my Dad’s boat in Rhode Island with the whole family for the day.  Grilling, drinking, corn-hole, fishing and fun. I’ll be wearing the Bennett Lane 3 Boat Shoes  because you can just throw them in the wash at the end of the day.”
–    Brian Steverman, Sr. Financial Analyst
Bennet Lane 3 boat“On Father’s Day, I like to have a big BBQ with friends and family, wearing my Weekend Retreat 3-Eye Boat Shoe. We relax and play a big game of kick-ball.”

–    Kevin Liddy, Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Weekend Retreat Boat Shoe“I would love to spend a lazy day at home with my three kids and lovely wife. With busy lives, spending time with your most precious possession is priceless.  P.S. Of course wearing my Path To Greatness kicks!”
–    John Daher, SVP, Product DevelopmentJohn's three children at this son's graduation.Proud Dad alert: the above photo was shared by John, showing his three children after his son’s graduation.

“I’ll be going to the Red Sox Game in my Harbor Point Slip Ons with my son.”
–    Jason Israel, VP, North American Retail
Harbor point slip on“This Father’s Day I’m meeting up with my brother-in-law on our motorcycles and going on a ride. Maybe I’ll play golf in the afternoon. Then having a BBQ with the family. I always wear my Rugged Bucks Waterproof Boots when I ride. And for the BBQ I’ll most likely wear my test pair of Total Motion Fusion Loafers (which won’t launch until Spring 17) but they’re awesome.”
–    Andrew Merriam, Product Manager – Men’s
Rugged Bucks

Step into Spring Wedges for the Weekend

What I Wore in Total Motion Taja T-Strap SandalJessica Quirk is the creator of What I Wore, a personal style blog capturing what she’s worn (almost) every day for the past 8 years. When she’s not posing for photos or writing her blog, she’s busy as a stay at home mom with her son Felix. She also loves designing and sewing her own clothes, baking cupcakes, knitting, binge watching whatever’s new on Netflix, and hiking with her family near her home in Bloomington, Indiana.What I Wore at the Farmers MarketSpring weekends are my favorite. The trees are in bloom, the farmer’s market is open and people are out and about. And there’s no better way to experience it all than by taking long walks into town, past pretty little houses, down brick paths, pushing our stroller.What I WoreWe had a banner weekend last Saturday and Sunday. We started our morning by cooking breakfast at home and then walking into town to check out the Bloomington Farmer’s Market. I picked up a bag of Brown County Coffee and a bunch of heirloom radishes (which we ate later for dinner with softened butter and sea salt!).  I wore a cushy pair of wedges with a bandana print dress nipped in at the waist with a vintage belt, simple shades and a brown leather fringe bag.What I WoreUsually this is the time of year when I’m breaking in all of my new footwear, but I’m happy to report this style, the Total Motion Taja T-Strap, was super comfortable from the get-go (because every gal knows that nothing stops you in your tracks like a pair of blister-inducing and uncomfortable sandals). Nude colored wedges are my go-to for flattering my legs and looking a little taller, while still providing the necessary comfort needed to walk miles (and miles… and miles). See my other favorite styles below.What I Wore in the Total Motion Taja T-StrapFrom there, my husband Adam had to bop into his distillery (Cardinal Spirits – visit if you’re ever in town!) so I walked Felix down Kirkwood Ave and then along Indiana University’s (IU) campus and back home again.

Next up – The Little 500 bike race  – an IU tradition! I attended both the men’s and women’s races all four years as an undergrad and have been back three times to watch since we moved back to town. It’s an amazing tradition of fixed gear bikes racing on a cinder track, plus cool traditions before the event begins. Felix was especially into the “bubbles” (balloons), and I always love hearing “Back Home Again in Indiana” sung a Capella and seeing the sky diver float through the sky with the American flag during the national anthem. And then the Grand Marshal says “Riders! Mount your bicycles” and they’re off!The Little 500 Bike RaceCheck out the Oscar nominated 1980’s film Breaking Away to get a (fictional) idea of the race. The one we went to is limited to IU students and alum, but like the movie, one team uses Cutters as their name (that’s who I cheered for this year!). With a fidgety toddler in tow, we had to move around quite a bit and eventually headed home about half way through. Felix fell asleep in his car seat in record time (about 60 seconds after we hit the road!).What I Wore and FelixWe ended the day by grilling out at home and resting up for a bike hike on Sunday morning. All in all – a perfect weekend!What I WoreFind more of Jessica’s style inspiration by following @WhatIWore on Instagram.

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From Desk to Date in Comfort & Style

Assembling a wardrobe that works as hard as we all do to achieve “work/life balance” can sometimes be daunting. But it doesn’t need to be a Herculean task. Add an accessory here, layer a cardigan there, and in seconds, you’ve transformed your outfit from “working woman” to “date night diva.”

From statement necklaces to footwear, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces – both fashionable and functional – to flawlessly take you from day to night. Our inspiration? The 2016 PANTONE Color of the Year. For the first time ever, PANTONE selected the blending of two hues – Rose Quartz, a lovely pale pink, and Serenity, a light blue shade. The two colors symbolize today’s need for balance, and they bring just the right amount of balance to our mood board (in our opinion).

Desk to Date Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump Outfit
The great thing about these pieces is they can be worn together, or on their own, while still remaining trend-relevant and comfortable. Being comfortable (and staying comfortable from day to night) has never looked so chic.

Pointed Toe Pump – Rockport
Sweater – JCrew
Cami – JCrew
Coat – Zara
Scarf – Rag & Bone
Skirt – JCrew
Bag – JCrew
Jewel Necklace – Bauble Bar
Metallic Phone Case & Card Holder – Michael Kors

For more styles that can keep you on your feet all day, check out our additional Women’s Desk to Date styles.

Men, we have you covered too, take a look at our Men’s Desk to Date styles for inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Color Crush: Pale Pink & Navy

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and whether your plans include a fancy dinner or brunch with the girls, we rounded up some versatile pieces for any occasion.

vday outfit postOf course, you’ll want to be comfortable, which is why we chose these pale pink ballet flats. This color is everywhere right now, and it’s the perfect hue for this holiday. We especially like the combination of pale pink and navy for an unexpected touch.

Pair these flats with a classic jacket, like this tweed one from J Crew. You can wear it over a sleek shift for an elegant night out or throw it over jeans and a tee for a more casual look.

Kick your outfit up a notch with accessories like a statement necklace or chic clutch. Wherever your day takes you, we hope it’s filled with love and comfort!

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Hidden Wedge Ballet Flats

Sheath Dress – J Crew

Skinny Jeans – J Crew

Tweed Jacket – J Crew

Tee – J Crew

Beret – Nordstrom

Bib Necklace – Bauble Bar

Earrings – Kendra Scott

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff

Watch – Fossil

Belt – Hinge

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him & Her

vday blog post header image

The “lover’s holiday” is upon us, and we believe getting a little something for that special someone is always a good idea. Stumped on what Valentine’s gift to get for your love this year? We’ve got you covered with our Gift Guide for him and her, including little treasures in a wide range of price points.

If you just can’t choose, we say new shoes are always a good idea!

For Women:

vday women gifts
Click on item below for shopping link:

Women’s Watch – Burberry
Women’s Wallet – Rockport
Brazilian Bikini – Hanky Panky
Sheepskin – The Organic Sheep
Planter – Urban Outfitters
Lipstick – Mac
Eye Mask – iluminage
Perfume – Valentino
Necklace – Kendra Scott
Hidden Wedge Ballet Flat – Rockport
Sunglasses – Ray Ban
Candle – Valentino


For Men:

For additional gift idea’s, check out our Men’s Gift Guide.

Click on item below for shopping link:

Men’s Wallet – Paul Smith
BBQ – Weber
Men’s Watch – Nixon

Cologne – Tom Ford
Ping Pong Set – Frescobol Carioca
Record Player – Crosley
Forest Pass – REI
Total Motion PS Chelsea – Rockport
Shoe Tree – Rockport
Socks – Rockport
Belt – Rockport