Summer Business as Usual in New York City

Trend Styled Summer
Saul Carrasco is the creator of Trend Styled, a lifestyle blog based in New York City. Originally a Texas native, Saul portrays his laid back aesthetic through his #OOTD posts which include images from his daily adventures in NYC and beyond. When he is not posting daily style inspiration, he can also be seen covering a wide range of topics, including grooming, health and fitness, and travel. Here, he shows us his city-approved day-to-night looks and shares a few of his favorite NYC destinations.

There’s nothing better than those warm, summer days where we can soak up some sun on a good patio, enjoy a refreshing iced coffee between meetings outside, and of course, get into some style refreshers. I’m feeling super nautical today with my work to play transition. From a full day of meetings to a night out with some friends, it’s usually pretty hard to make it home in between the day’s activities. Plus, you just never know where your day might lead you.
Trend Styled in Birch Lake BlucherToday started with a busy schedule of meetings. Walking being the main mode of transportation in NYC, my need for comfort is just as important as my need for style when stepping out for the day. A great blazer and tee combo is my usual go to when hopping around for meetings and today was no different. Just as comfortable as my clothing, I went for my new Birch Lake Bluchers that I’m loving for the season. Nothing beats a cool pair of blue suede shoes and these guys easily get me through my long days of walking with comfort technology that I love. I always find myself detouring through the Chelsea neighborhood, so I can walk the Highline Park as I make my way through some of my favorite art galleries in the galleries district. It helps to make a few stops to break up a day of meetings… and it doesn’t hurt that there’s some good A/C blasting in each gallery too.
Trend Styled in Birch LakeTrend Styled in Birch LakeTrend Styled in Colben OxfordsFrom work to play, I usually leave my apartment prepared to be out all day and into the evening, especially if I have plans at night. A fresh shirt and some casual kicks help to transform my ‘office-wear’ into my “night out with friends” kind of style. These Colben Oxfords are my usual go-tos, not overly casual or dressy, they’re the perfect shoes for whatever my day or night have in store. A quick coffee recharge at La Colombe – one of my many favorites in NYC – while enjoying some sun is one of my favorite things to do after a busy day of meetings. It’s little moments like these that help me to unwind and turn off “work-mode.”
Trend Styled in Colben Oxfords
Trend Styled in Colben OxfordsWhile there’s an endless amount of restaurants in New York City, summer is all about the patio destinations. Seamore’s, near Soho, is one of those warm weather spots. Avocado fritters, poké, fish tacos, and some delicious cocktails… what else do you need on a warm day?! Well, besides a good nightcap. After one too many fritters, I’ll finish my night at Mr. Purple – one of NYC’s newest rooftops that will, without a doubt, be a huge hot spot this summer. With a rooftop pool and some tasty small-bites, it’s the perfect place to finish a busy day trekking around NYC.

Trend Styled in Colben Oxfords

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This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for his post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

How to Host a Summer Soiree in Comfort and Style

Laura Fuentes Party Prep
Laura Fuentes is the creator of and blogs over at, a food and active-family lifestyle blog where she shares her recipes for success both in the kitchen and in life. Laura is a full-time working mom of three kids, author of three cookbooks, has competed on Food Network (and won!), and contributes to, Huffington Post, and more. She currently resides in a small town outside of New Orleans, LA.

With temperatures on the rise, many of us will be hosting outdoor soirees and BBQs this summer. As someone who feeds people outdoors often, I’ve learned a few tricks to do so in style and comfort while serving up a fresh variety of foods.

For us Southerners, the best part of any gathering is the food, of course! But the reality is that it can be overwhelming to plan the perfect backyard menu, one that will satisfy your guests’ appetites without making you (the cook) a slave to the kitchen.
Laura Fuentes in Weekend Casuals Lanea Cross SlideOne of my secrets to hosting any gathering is to never wear your party ensemble while preparing food. So, here you see me in a very casual outfit with shorts because I’m usually running around the house and kitchen getting everything ready. And, thanks to my Weekend Casuals Lanea Cross Slides, I’m practically gliding in comfort while prepping the food, pulling outdoor linens and party decor outside, as well as the last minute trip to the store for that one item I always seem to forget.

Planning a menu is a lot like planning the perfect outfit. Since I have the food aspect taken care of, the outfit is where I look for advice.

The most difficult part, for me, is which pair of shoes to pick. I’ve hosted many gatherings in heels while my guests wonder how on earth I’m able to still stand hours later. I tell them that my secret at work, the office, and at home, is the built-in comfort technology in all my heels. I’m the kind of girl who likes to stick with a basic outfit and let my feet do the impressing. Best part, I don’t need to trade comfort for cuteness when I wear my Rockports.
Laura Fuentes in Total Motion Pointed Toe PumpsBack to the party.

I had invited some friends over to show off our newly finished outdoor kitchen and to have a little fun over the weekend. Everyone brought items to barbecue, including sausage, shrimp, hamburger, and quite a few desserts.
Southwest Porabello from Laura FuentesSince there is always someone who prefers vegetarian dishes, I made a Spinach and Strawberry Salad and Southwestern Portobello Burgers with Jalapeño Ranch (image above) for our party. It’s safe to say that I like to feed a lot of people regularly, and over time, I’ve mastered the art of hosting gatherings.

My top five tips for entertaining a large crowd easily are:

1.    Go potluck style: Especially when inviting a lot of guests. This way, there is less pressure on the host to come up with a large serving of all recipes.

2.    Pick easy recipes: Be ready for when a guest asks you the dreaded question: “what can I bring?” Having a few easy recipes available to share with them via email is always helpful.

3.    Create a drink station: Whether you fill a big bucket with ice, bottles, and cans or fill large carafes with iced tea and fruit-flavored water, providing, self-serve stations are always easier on the host.

4.    Offer a few pre-barbecue meal options: Like salads and guacamole that guests can nibble on while waiting for the main courses to come off the barbecue.

5.    Provide heat-stable dessert options: I love serving up a large fruit salad, keeping popsicles inside a big ice bucket, and serving up a frozen watermelon salad when temperatures are hot. While brownies and cakes are delicious, they tend to melt and not be the best outdoor party option.

Finally, remember that summertime is fun, light, and most importantly, requires you to be comfortable. For our party, I chose a simple summer dress, jean jacket, and my Total Motion Adelyn Ballet in Pink Floral.
Laura Fuentes in Total Motion Adelyn
In the end, simple, delicious food and comfortable shoes make entertaining a breeze.

Discover more of Laura’s delicious food on and on Instagram: @LauraSFuentes.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

Rockport Dads Share Their Father’s Day “Dad-tivities”

Fathers Day HeaderFather’s day is fast approaching and it’s got us all thinking about how we’re going to show the Dads in our lives how much we love and appreciate them. Sure, the typical Dad’s Day Gifts come to mind, but there’s also the subject of what to do.  It is, after all, his special day, so we found ourselves wondering: what is it that Dads really want to do on Father’s Day? Spend time with family? Play 18 holes? Binge watch their favorite TV show?

To find out, we polled some of the Dads in our office to get some real insight into what “Dad-tivities” would make their Father’s Day the perfect day.

“It would be awesome to hit up the beach, kick back and be pampered a little with some homemade sandwiches and my family around. I would be rocking the Cape Noble 2  down to the beach, but on arrival I would switch into the Kevka Lake Slide  for the ultimate chill mode, saving the Cape Nobles for the night out with the family.”
–    Norris Padmore, Graphic Designer
Fathers Day Norris

“I’m running a Father’s Day 5K roadrace with my kids in the morning, followed by golfing with my son and father-in-law in the afternoon, and ending the day with an evening cookout with all siblings, nieces, nephews and Dads! I’ll be wearing the Path to Greatness Slip On for the evening’s festivities.”
–    James Walsh, Sr. Director, Innovation & Active
Path to Greatness slip on“I am actually going to be living my ideal Father’s Day: Going out on my Dad’s boat in Rhode Island with the whole family for the day.  Grilling, drinking, corn-hole, fishing and fun. I’ll be wearing the Bennett Lane 3 Boat Shoes  because you can just throw them in the wash at the end of the day.”
–    Brian Steverman, Sr. Financial Analyst
Bennet Lane 3 boat“On Father’s Day, I like to have a big BBQ with friends and family, wearing my Weekend Retreat 3-Eye Boat Shoe. We relax and play a big game of kick-ball.”

–    Kevin Liddy, Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
Weekend Retreat Boat Shoe“I would love to spend a lazy day at home with my three kids and lovely wife. With busy lives, spending time with your most precious possession is priceless.  P.S. Of course wearing my Path To Greatness kicks!”
–    John Daher, SVP, Product DevelopmentJohn's three children at this son's graduation.Proud Dad alert: the above photo was shared by John, showing his three children after his son’s graduation.

“I’ll be going to the Red Sox Game in my Harbor Point Slip Ons with my son.”
–    Jason Israel, VP, North American Retail
Harbor point slip on“This Father’s Day I’m meeting up with my brother-in-law on our motorcycles and going on a ride. Maybe I’ll play golf in the afternoon. Then having a BBQ with the family. I always wear my Rugged Bucks Waterproof Boots when I ride. And for the BBQ I’ll most likely wear my test pair of Total Motion Fusion Loafers (which won’t launch until Spring 17) but they’re awesome.”
–    Andrew Merriam, Product Manager – Men’s
Rugged Bucks

Travel Easy With Our Top 10 Tips for Stress-Free Trips

Travel HeaderSummer travel. The exciting destinations, the memories made with family and friends…and the headaches that come with preparing for the trip. Whether you’re planning a trans-Atlantic jaunt with friends, or a trip to the next state with the kids, we have 10 sanity-saving travel tips that will put you on the fast track for vacation relaxation.

1.    Wear your bulkiest shoes when traveling to save space in your bags. If you pack additional pairs, fill them with socks; not only will you save room, but the socks will help hold the shape of your shoes.  Lighten your load with lightweight shoes that are flexible and can be manipulated to fit wherever you can find room.

2.    Roll or fold? Real Simple is here to save your relationship for those times you need to share a suitcase.  They suggest using both packing techniques (roll some things, fold others), depending on the clothing item.

3.    Place cling wrap under the caps of your shampoo and other travel toiletry bottles to create a better seal. This creates a second line of defense to reduce the chance of spilling. #Science

4.    If you carry re-usable water bottles when flying, roll your souvenir papers/tickets/maps and place them inside the bottle so that they don’t arrive home wrinkled or bent.
Maps in Bottle5.  Throughout your travels, dress comfortably while keeping in mind what the local weather could bring. Loose clothing, layered outfits, and sturdy shoes will make the trip all the more enjoyable. For women, a ballet flat can be dressed up or down, while the Total Motion Fusion is a versatile option for the guy who has both casual and dressier outings planned.

6.    Packing cubes not only help conserve space; they also make it easier to pre-plan outfits. This is also a good time to pick up shoe bags (or you could use disposable shower caps) to keep your travel worn shoes from touching your clothes. Learn how to use packing cubes from Practical Travel Gear.Travel necessities7.    Pack a smaller bag inside your carry-on bag, so when you settle into your flight, you don’t need to dig around your bag for your headphones or summer must-read. If you’re looking to add a new book to your nightstand or beach-reading list, the New York Times has us covered with “12 New Books We’re Reading this Summer (and six not so new).” For the kids, Scholastic has released their list of books that will ‘Keep Kids Reading All Summer Long.’

8.    Sitting for long periods of time can be exhausting… and not healthy. If you’re stuck at the airport or train station, take the time to get up and walk.
Airport floors are often harder on your feet (hello, cement!), so wear shoes with more cushion for shock absorption, like our truWALKzero or WALK360 collections, which offer comfort in spades.
Airport Walking9.    Pack versatile clothing that can be worn with multiple ensembles. A favorite cardigan does double duty as a warm layer on the plane, over a dress shirt at the conference, and paired with a LBD for date night. Pick and pack two to three color themes to make it easy to mix and match. Dress casual shoes or wedges can often be worn with work attire or a dress, while still looking great with a pair of jeans.

10.    Often the best way to explore a new place is on foot. You may find that small patisserie that only the locals know, or discover a hidden garden that opens up to a view of the countryside. Wherever you go, make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.

Here are a few of our favorite apps to help you explore new destinations:
TripCase: This app keeps all of your itineraries in one place, as well as helps you find local activities and even reschedule your trip, if need be.
Flyover Country: If you have the window seat, or you’re just curious as to where in the world you actually are, you can enter your start and end points to follow the sights from 30,000 feet.
TripAdvisor: An oldie, but a goodie. We love TripAdvisor’s crowd-sourced travel reviews.
Roadtrippers: Plan your road trip and share the map with friends as you plan, or find new hidden gems along the way!

Our number one tip for stress-free travel: relax! Wherever your summer travels take you, remember to pause and take it all in.
Amalfi Coast

If you are traveling this summer in your Rockport shoes, be sure to share your adventures with us on social media. Tag Rockport, so that those of us not traveling may be suitably jealous.

Looking for trip inspiration? Check out this post about hiking in L.A. from travel blogger Trevor Morrow Travels.

What to Wear While Wine Tasting This Summer

A Mused Blog Wine Tasting

Amber is the author and editor of A Mused Blog – a place where she shares her musings on personal style, introspective essays, and the beauty of Northern California. 

Living in the Wine Country of Northern California is a delight for the senses. About an hour’s drive north of San Francisco, the Sonoma and Napa Counties offer a visual landscape comparable to the Tuscan countryside. Each and every winery here has its own distinct flare and offering. For example, Metlock Ames Winery in Alexander Valley has an organic garden, complete with fresh herbs; Longboard Winery in Healdsburg allows you to sip wine under surfboards collected from all around the world; and Castello di Amorosa boasts a castle made entirely of stones imported from Europe. Yet amidst all the spectacular destinations, it is the rolling green hills dressed with rows of vineyards heavy with grapes, the warm sunny days and crisp cool evenings, and the dramatic sunsets that take center stage here.
A Mused Blog Wine Tour in Rockport Total Motion PumpsWell, that and the food. One of the most popular dining destinations in Napa Valley is The French Laundry in Yountville. Renowned both locally and worldwide for its culinary delights, Thomas Keller has elevated the farm to table experience to a whole new level. To dine here is to plan ahead: reservations must be a made a month in advance. (A local tip: if you can’t make it to the restaurant, be sure to hop over to his local bakery instead: Bouchon)

While the culinary enthusiast may have French Laundry at the top of their list, the truth is that some of the very best dining is available right here on my side of the valley. To live in the Valleys is to be spoiled; I know that dining with a chef who has famously turned down a Michelin star (see my blog post about it at A Mused Blog) in order to keep his restaurant accessible to the locals, or falling asleep to the low hum of the vineyard fans is not something that everyone will have an opportunity to experience. But oh, I hope that some of you will!
A Mused Blog Wine Tour in Rockport Total Motion PumpsWhat should you wear when visiting Wine Country? My advice is to keep it simple, unfussy, a bit dressy, and down to earth. Californians are known for their relaxed attitude to style, and in the Valleys, that attitude is a full blown lifestyle. Ladies: Think denim or breezy maxi dresses. Men: Think a lightweight button down, and a relaxed pair of jeans.
Castello di AmorosaFor my visit to the Castello di Amorosa, I chose to wear my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, an on-trend off the shoulder top, and the perfectly darling Total Motion Pointed Toe Pumps in blue floral print (so perfect with denim!).  I tend to describe my style as “California-relaxed” with boyish influences, and a bit of feminine flare. If jeans aren’t your thing, a light weight tunic with leggings, or a feminine maxi dress would suit just as well. A great wine will relax you and put you at ease; your clothing should follow suit!

Have you visited Napa or Sonoma Valley? If not, I hope you do someday soon!

Find more of Amber’s style inspiration by following her @AMusedBlog on Instagram.

This Port71 guest blogger received shoes from Rockport. All opinions are the blogger’s own. Photos: Sam Delaware

Your Summertime Guide to Casual Fridays

It’s Thursday night, and you’re in the home stretch to a perfect summer weekend. The only thing standing in your way is Friday and a full basket of laundry that needs to be dry cleaned.  Don’t sweat. With our summer outfit inspiration and your job’s casual Friday policy, you can transition easily from the office to an afternoon with friends, the golf course, an early dinner/movie date or a road trip to your summer weekend destination.

Casual Fridays - Womens
Shoes – Rockport|Dress – JCrew|Jacket – JCrew|Gold bracelet – JCrew|Crystal bracelet – JCrew|Earrings – JCrew|Bag – JCrew
Sunglasses – JCrew|Scarf – JCrew|Umbrella – JCrew

For the Ladies: Midday Matinee
No woman wants to change her #ootd (outfit of the day) twice in one day, and “Summer Fridays” are no exception.  Luckily, flowy summer dresses and comfy wedges easily transition from work to play. We love this outfit for catching a midday movie after a morning of meetings. Layer on a jean jacket and scarf for when the A/C in the office (and theater) is at full blast, and be sure to pack an umbrella in your tote in case wet weather strikes.

One of our favorite wedges this season is the Total Motion Taja Perf Quarter Strap Sandal. The cork bottom and laser cutouts will keep you on trend, while providing support and stability wherever you go. We also like to keep a cute notebook in our bags in case any work or inspiration arises while on-the-go. This tassel tote is big enough to stash your stuff (healthy movie snacks, anyone?).  Glam up the look with some tassel earrings and gold bangles, and don’t forget your sunnies for an early dinner and drinks after the flick.

Casual Fridays - Mens
Shoes – Rockport|Polo – JCrew|Jeans – JCrew|Shorts – JCrew|Blazer – JCrew|Hat – JCrew|Can cooler – JCrew |Sunglasses – JCrew |Belt – JCrew

For the Guys: Gone Golfin’
TGIF! Or should we say TGIGF? (Thank Goodness It’s Golf Friday). If you’re heading to the links after work, round out the work week and kick off the weekend in an outfit that says “morning meeting” as much as it says “3 p.m. tee time.” On top, a colorful polo and blazer provide structure and polish. On the bottom, your choices depend on how “casual” your Casual Friday policy is. If it’s more relaxed, rock a pair of light-colored shorts. More business casual? Wear dark jeans to work, and stash a bag with your shorts and baseball cap in the car. This is a casual round (read: you’ve left your cleats at home), so pair this outfit with our Weekend Retreat 3-Eye Boat Shoe for a very versatile look.