Staying Motivated & Productive At Home With Rockport

We teamed up with NYC-based blogger, Carla Vianna of Travel By Carla Vianna, to share how she’s staying motivated while working from home in our Women’s Total Motion Laylani Studded Loafer. 

Many of us are now running on our fourth or fifth week working from home, a new normal that no one could’ve predicted for the year 2020. Here in New York City, we’ve felt the brunt of the quarantine measures stretching across the U.S. Since I began social distancing in early March, I’ve had quite a few weeks to master the new norm! 

Here are four of my best tips to staying motivated and productive during this time at home. 

1. A designated workspace:

Whether it’s a desk or a section of your dining room table, creating a designated workspace can help you feel like you’re “reporting to work” in the morning. Having a separate workspace in your everyday setting can also boost productivity, as your brain will begin to associate that spot with getting work done. It can also be entertaining to decorate your workspace with things that’ll bring you joy throughout the day, such as plants or a fun letter board. 

Pictured: Women’s Total Motion Laylani Studded Loafer ($110)

2. A new routine:

Sticking to a routine is an easy way to keep yourself productive. Daily rituals like making breakfast, writing in a journal or getting dressed before sitting down to work, help build a sense of structure. During uncertain times, giving your day some structure can relieve stress and anxiety, in turn allowing you to focus on your work. Don’t forget to set aside daily “me” time, too. Self-care is all the more important during times of stress and uncertainty. 

3. Neighborhood walks (staying at least six feet away from people): 

Fresh air can really change your day around. I’m always looking forward to my weekly neighborhood walks, making sure I stay at least six feet away from others. I usually pick out a favorite outfit just to make the outing feel a bit more special, like wearing my Laylani Studded Loafer in desert sage (all the spring feels). I find myself feeling more motivated after a good dose of fresh air. 

4. A new skill or hobby:

Just because we can’t go outside, doesn’t mean we have to stop working on ourselves! This is the perfect time to learn a new skill or start a hobby you’ve always been curious about. I’ve personally been trying to incorporate morning yoga into my daily routine via Alo Yoga’s YouTube channel. Use the time traditionally spent commuting to try something new that’ll bring you joy, like baking or painting. 

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This Port71 guest blogger received product compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the bloggers own.

How to Pick the Perfect Boat Shoe

While usually an activity associated with summer, boating can be enjoyed any time of the year, even into the fall and winter months. Whether you’re headed for a sunset cruise around the harbor or a long expedition among rough waters, it’s important to have the right footwear on deck to make the most of your boating experience.  

It’s no secret that any boating adventure comes with the risk of getting wet, not to mention the risk of slippery floors. While you might associate boating activities with the standard summer fare, such as flip flops or other sandals, these styles of shoes will not provide you with protection to keep you from skidding, slipping, or falling. This also extends to standard dress shoes, which you might plan to wear for more formal occasions, such as a cocktail party on a yacht or a seaside work event.  

Luckily, men’s boat shoes do the trick. Below we’ll explore why they’re necessary for both the avid sailor and the occasional summer seafarer, how they function, and some of the most popular styles currently available.  

A Brief History of Boat Shoes 

Boat shoes were first imagined in 1930 after retired Navy sailor Paul Sperry took note of how slippery, and dangerous, his schooner’s deck inevitably became when wet. In an attempt to make the experience safer and more enjoyable, the retired sailor experimented by playing around with the deck itself. After slightly improving traction by giving it a fresh coat of paint and adding a layer of emery dust for increased grip, Sperry realized the sandpaper-like flooring would be extremely rough to the touch, especially if passengers were barefoot.  

Sperry began factoring the passenger himself into the equation by working with the other contact surface: the passenger’s shoes. He experimented with different materials to maximize the sole’s grip, such as rubber, but none seemed to demonstrate the non-skid protection he was looking for. After observing his dog run over slippery terrain with seemingly no issues, he began to take inspiration from another non-slip surface – a dog’s paws.  

Taking note of the uneven and grooved surface of his dog’s paws, Sperry began carving slits into shoes’ rubber soles, which effectively provided traction and balance to the wearer. After trial and error, the first boat shoe hit the shelves in 1935 to extremely popular demand.  

Why Do I Need Boat Shoes? 

Shoes are probably the last thing on your mind when you think of setting sail, and understandably so. If you are thinking of shoes, you’re probably thinking of sandals or possibly no shoes at all, since time spent on or near a boat is usually spent swimming or just lounging around on deck.  

After the initial release of boat shoes, sailors rushed to grab a pair due their trendiness and popularity, although their intended purpose was to provide extra safety measures by preventing falls and injuries on slippery decks.  

In addition to injury prevention, the white soles on boat shoes prevent scuff marks and leave the deck looking as clean as possible, meaning less cleaning for you, and more time for fun out on the water. They are also lightweight, comfortable, and keep feet clean and dry.  

How Do I Find My Perfect Pair? 

The perfect boat shoe for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. First and foremost, when choosing a pair of boat shoes, it is important to find the right fit. Comfort is key, but so is a glove-like fit – boat shoes should not be too loose; otherwise you run the risk of slipping out of your shoes, defeating their purpose.  

These shoes can take some time to break in, so don’t expect a perfectly comfortable fit straight out of the box, but make sure you don’t experience any pinching or chafing.  

Luckily, boat shoes today come in an endless variety of styles so you’re sure to find a pair that fits your preferences. Not only do boat shoes come in a wide assortment of colors, they are also made from different materials such as canvas or leather, among others.  

How Else Can I Wear Them?  

Some fundamentalists say boating shoes should stay on a boat. However, due to the ever-evolving range of styles, boat shoes are no longer limited to waterborne adventures. Their casual yet sophisticated styles make the men’s boat shoe versatile enough for a variety of occasions.  

They can be easily paired with long or short khakis for a fun yet effortless semiformal look perfect for a beachside happy hour, strolling along the boardwalk, or exploring the hot spots of coastal cities. Boat shoes also pair well with polo shirts and short-legged pants.  

Any event considered casual, taking place near the water, and that calls for exposed ankles are potentially great opportunities to rock your nautical style on land.  

Our Recommendations  

Now that you know a little more about the history of boat shoes, why they’re used, and how they can be worn, take a look at some of Rockport’s most popular styles.  

Our Perth Boat Shoe is the ultimate in both style and safety. The premium unlined upper allows for increased breathability for barefoot wear, and an advanced polyurethane cushioning system provides maximum comfort and absorbs excess moisture.  

Our Cullen Boat Shoe is true to size and is available in new dress blues, cognac, or dark drown colors. Durable enough for everyday wear, this topsider with an extra rugged sole is perfect for activities on both land and water.  

Whatever your needs or style preferences are, Rockport is proud to carry the best in men’s boating shoes and men’s footwear. Wherever you’re headed, Rockport’s high-quality selection of products will get you there and keep you looking your best.   

Rockport’s Top Selling Shoes of 2019

It’s no secret that we carry shoes in every style for nearly any occasion you could think of. From heels to sandals, from boots and wedges, from casual to formal, Rockport is your one-stop shop for women’s premium footwear.  

While we proudly stand by the quality of every product listed on our site, let’s take a minute to uncover our top 10 bestselling women’s shoes of the year, so far.  

10. Women’s Cobb Hill Hollywood Cuff Sandal 

Sandals have yet to go out of style, and we don’t expect them to any time soon. Our Cobb Hill Hollywood Cuff Sandal is the perfect go-to style for both summer and fall, thanks to its earthy, muted colors and maximum breathability for long sunny days and comfort for nights out on the town.  

This true-to-fit classic is available in grey metallic, amber, classic black, and khaki, making it easy to pair with most any color combination you can think of. Specially crafted from full-grain leather with a molded footbed to ensure optimal comfort, our Cobb Hill Hollywood Cuff Sandals will have you rocking summer style deep into the fall months.  

9. Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Tall Boot 

Despite being a newer addition to our already impressive women’s shoe collection, the Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Tall Boot has already made a name for itself.  

Available in either black faux suede or premium quality black leather, these elegant boots with a durable three-inch heel provide stability and support as you make your way from business meetings to happy hour with your friends.  

Though tall and eye-catching, these boots are anything but clunky – they provide all-day comfort and shock absorption for added cushioning and comfort, so you look and feel your best as you turn heads with every step.  

Availability in medium and wide widths ensures contoured comfort and an even better fit, to boot. 

8. Women’s Cobb Hill Abbott Bow Mary Jane Pump 

Here at Rockport, our pumps are anything but ordinary, and the Cobb Hill Abbott Bow Mary Jane Pump is certainly no exception. With customers praising its perfect fit, it’s no surprise that this low-heeled but high-fashion mary jane made the list of our year-end best sellers.  

Decked out with floral cut-outs and accented with a bow across the toe, this European-inspired style brings fashion and function together in one stunning package. It is available in both black and khaki, making this shoe complementary to whatever other colors and clothes you’re wearing. 

7. Women’s Total Motion 75mm Plain Heel  

Plain doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Sometimes, less is more, and even the “plainest” heels can be dressed up for any occasion given the right outfit. Our Women’s Total Motion 75mm Plain Heel comes in sixteen colors, from traditional black to bolder colors such as white leopard and mustard snake. 

True to size, these bestselling women’s shoes take classic style to new heights. Midsole cushioning and a non-slip suede backing provide unparalleled comfort and support so you can ensure every step you take is taken with confidence.  

6. Women’s Total Motion 75mm Layered T-Strap Heel  

Taking a few notes from its sister style ranked at #7, the Women’s Total Motion 75mm Layered T-Strap Heel is a new favorite that’s anything but ordinary. This black stunner comes complete with truTECH® and truTECH+® patented technology for maximum shock absorption, bringing you the best in both fashion and function.  

Anti-microbial and moisture-wicking materials keep feet clean and protected, and provide increased breathability, making this style the perfect women’s shoe for both work and dinner dates this fall season.  

A durable T-strap and foam-backed lining increases support and stability to keep you going wherever you are, whether you’re headlining a company meeting or turning heads on the dance floor.  

5. Women’s Trustride Lace-Up Sneaker 

While fashion-forward heels tend to dominate the conversation, every woman has a need for sturdy, practical shoes for a long, errand-packed day, and our Trustride Lace-Up is the answer.  

With a glove-like fit and enhanced breathability, it’s no surprise that this trusty sneaker ranks well on our list of bestselling women’s shoes.  

Available in black, white, and off-white, these sneakers can be easily paired with any casual look and can even be dressed up accordingly if errands include stopping by the office.  

4. Women’s Total Motion Kalila Heel 

Available in nine different colors and in assorted patterns, our Women’s Total Motion Kalila Heel is more than just your classic pump. Foam-backed lining and a deluxe foam footbed provide cushioning and comfort to ensure you’re feeling your best from head to toe. This classic pointy-toe style pairs well with dresses, slacks, or whatever your style dictates.  

Composed of high-quality full grain leather, the Kalila Heel is the perfect way to pump up your style to the next level without breaking the bank or the back of your heels.  

3. Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot 

Although this style is extremely versatile, the fall season is the bootie’s time to shine. The Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot combines sleek heeled style and comfort into one irresistible package.  

The three-inch heel elevates your style much higher and comes in taupe, black, and brown to add the perfect finishing touch to your fall-inspired wardrobe.  

Made of only the highest quality materials, the suede non-slip keeps your heel securely in place, and our truTECH® and truTECH+® technology once again provide the cushioning and shock absorption needed to keep you standing tall and confident during fall festivities.  

2. Women’s Briah Perf Sling Sandal 

Sling-backed heels are always in style, and our penultimate best seller is here to prove it. Our Briah Perf Sling is available in multi khaki leather, black nubuck, navy blue, pink metallic, taupe leather, and white, and is the perfect transitional style to carry you from summer into fall.  

Exude confidence with every step, thanks to extra supportive outsoles, and enjoy increased breathability to help you outlast warm summer nights before the autumn breeze kicks in.  

This bestselling shoe is made from durable, full-grain leather and is extremely easy to clean, ensuring these head turners stay in your footwear arsenal for years to come.  

1. Women’s Kimly Stretch Bootie 

Long live the ankle bootie! With fall now upon us, there’s no better time to check out our #1 bestseller, the Kimly Stretch Bootie. Available in both microsuede and stretch materials and presented in trending colors such as wine and dark taupe, this versatile bootie has the support needed to take you from the office to downtown.  

Adjustable lace closures guarantee enhanced comfort and a better fit, while the removable Ortholite® footbed provides unmatched, flat-like comfort to keep you strutting from place to place all fall long.  

A strong rubber outsole ensures a long shelf life and enhanced durability so you can rock these kitten heels for years to come, proving that the ankle bootie is, in fact, timeless.  

The Rich History of Oxfords

If you’ve been browsing the latest in shoe styles, chances are you’ve encountered the oxford shoe more than once. If you’ve been to a formal event such as a relative’s wedding, an important business conference, or a high school dance, you’ve most likely seen someone sporting a pair of oxfords, or have even worn a pair yourself. 

Often described as a timeless classic and one of the most elegant styles a man can wear, the oxford is a flat-heeled shoe characterized by eyelet tabs and closed lacing. In fact, the shoe’s anatomy and lace style are so defining that there are guides dedicated to explaining the proper way to lace up a pair.  

With such a pronounced presence in the world of footwear, how did this simple yet sophisticated style get its start, let alone gain traction to become one of the most popular options for men’s dress shoes? 

Humble Beginnings 

Oxfords have supposedly been around since the 1640s, which really emphasizes its status as a “classic” style, but the exact origin is disputed and the timeline of its transformation into the shoe we know today isn’t so clear-cut. 

According to Poppy Barley, there are two competing origin stories detailing how this classic style came to be: 

  • The first claims that the shoes started out as boots with side slits that eventually evolved into laces. Most men’s footwear in this time period consisted of boots, before boots became synonymous with specialized outdoor activities, such as horseback riding and polo playing. 
  • The second states that the oxford traces its roots back to Balmoral Castle in Scotland (some people use the terms “oxford” and “Balmoral” interchangeably).  

Regardless of its origin, the oxford experienced a rise in popularity after students at Oxford University began sporting the style, which eventually caught on in the United States and other parts of the world. 

A Multitude of Styles 

While a shoe must possess certain characteristics to be properly labeled as an “oxford” (a closed lacing system, low heels, and exposure of the ankle), many styles have evolved from the traditional two-toned prototype worn in the halls of Oxford University. 

With countless options to choose from, how do you differentiate between the seemingly similar but creatively nuanced styles? 

  • The simplest yet most formal option is the classic plain-toe oxford, characterized by the absence of excessive detailing and focus on the sleek, single-colored appearance. Our Essential Details II Plain Toe Oxford is a classic favorite composed of waterproof leather, pairs perfectly with a suit or a dressed-up pair of jeans, and provides some of the best sole traction a dress shoe has to offer.  
  • The cap-toe oxford builds upon the “base model” plain-toe by including an extra piece of leather over the front of the shoe which, as the name suggests, caps the region covering the toes. Our Charles Road Cap Toe Oxford offers a soft knit lining and advanced cushioning, making it a viable option for both business conferences and dinner dates.  
  • Referring back to its contested history, the Balmoral-style oxford features a toe cap crafted into the shape of an M or double arch. 
  • Wingtip oxfords are an offshoot of the Balmoral, as it also features an M-shaped toe cap. The wingtip, however, extends further and drapes along both sides of the shoes, making it a slightly more pronounced and less formal option.  
  • Whole-cut oxfords are made from a singular piece of leather, resulting in a smooth and sleek finish, versatile enough for a wide range of formal occasions.  
  • Saddle oxford shoes aren’t quite as common as the aforementioned styles, but have experienced considerable popularity in the United States. This two-toned style provides a striking contrast as compared to the usually seen all-black or all-brown shoe.  

We also offer unique styles, such as the athletically influenced Men’s DresSports 2 Fast Sport Oxford, composed of both wool and leather for increased flexibility; the Ellingwood Oxford with an exclusive kinetic air circulator for maximum breathability; and the Men’s Rugged Bucks 2 Plain Toe Oxford – perfect for those looking for a toughened-up look or a stylish option built for the outdoors.  

Oxfords Today 

Due to their simplicity and versatility, the oxford remains one of the most popular men’s shoes for formal events, meetings, and even days at the office.  

How have they managed to stand the test of time? Building upon the previously mentioned simplicity and versatility, the oxford is an easy, go-to option for nearly any occasion that requires some type of formal or business dress.  

The shoe works with a wide variety of styles and can even be paired with casual jeans given the right combinations.  

While most styles come in muted blacks and browns, it’s not uncommon to find oxfords in more adventurous colors for bold, fashion-forward shoe enthusiasts looking to make a statement. 

Finding the Right Pair for You 

With seemingly endless options to choose from, how do you find the pair of oxfords that’s right for you? As with everything else, this answer depends on your personal sense of style, your preferences, and the type of events you plan to wear them to. 

Here at Rockport, we carry a variety of different styles at various price points appropriate for almost any occasion and guaranteed to suit your specific style needs, from traditional to modern, and from muted to loud.  

Whether you choose plain-toe or cap-toe, our selection of the highest quality oxford shoes are durable, lightweight, shock absorbing, and comfortable enough for all-day wear, so you can look and feel your best without giving your shoes a second thought.  

5 Shoes Perfect for Work & Happy Hour 

Surviving another long day at work is something to be celebrated. Sometimes, after long hours of meetings, conference calls, and staring at a computer screen, all you want to do is get home as soon as possible to kick back and unwind. Other times, you’re itching to go out for a few hours and escape from the endless cycle of work, sleep, repeat.  

If you’re going out, stopping at home to change clothes or shoes can be an inconvenience. While we can’t help with the clothes (other than suggesting you wear an office-approved outfit that’s chic enough for a night on the town), we can help with the shoes.  

Whether you’re hitting your favorite bar for happy hour with the girls or going out to dinner at an upscale restaurant that just opened downtown, we’ve put together a list of business casual shoes adaptable enough for both the office and wherever you’re headed next. 

5. Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump 

You can never go wrong with a classic pump heel, and our Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump is proof of that. Perfect for the woman with sharp fashion sense, this stunning pump boasts a 3-inch stiletto and high-grade leather with an intricate snakeskin-like design that’s guaranteed to turn heads as you glide past cubicles and hit the city streets.  

This pump’s bold style doesn’t mean we’ve skimped on comfort. After all, beauty doesn’t have to mean pain. An advanced truTECH® and truTECH®+ technology system provides the ultimate in shock absorption and all-day comfort to keep you standing tall and confident well into the night, while retention foam and a polyurethane midsole plate enhance support and stability to reduce foot fatigue.  

The Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump is versatile enough to pair with almost anything in your closet, but we suggest pairing them with a sophisticated pantsuit, dress, or pencil skirt.  

4. Total Motion Kaiya Heel Pump 

Love the look of pumps but don’t want the extra height of our Pointed Toe Pump? Not to worry, our Women’s Total Motion Kaiya Heel has you covered. Available in eight different colors including black, navy, and maroon, this modest yet chic pump is the epitome of comfort and style.  

Rocking a shorter 2-inch kitten heel but still bold enough to make a statement, the Total Motion Kaiya Heel Pump is an exceptional choice for long days and bustling nights. Non-slip material keeps your feet in place to reduce heel movement, and a TPU midsole plate provides enhanced support and stability needed for coffee runs and moving on the dance floor.  

Like most pumps, the Kaiya Heel works well with a multitude of outfits, but it pairs especially well with slacks, dresses, and particularly tea-length dresses or skirts. If your office allows for more casual dress, kitten heels also work well with capris and rolled up or cuffed skinny jeans.  

3. Total Motion Slingback Pump 

If you’re looking for sophisticated comfort, our Women’s Total Motion Slingback Pump is definitely the way to go. Available in a stunning gold-like beige or tried-and-true black, you’re guaranteed to be the belle of the ball at the office and the bar.  

With secure straps and a premium foam-backed lining for extra support and stability, this slingback heel is a quality go-to choice for the working woman shuffling from meeting to meeting, as well as for the social butterfly who is the life of the party. Expertly crafted with cement construction and a TPU outsole, this anything-but-ordinary pump is durable enough to wear for years to come.  

Pair the Total Motion Slingback Pump with a versatile dress (solid colors work very well) for a polished look that’s professional enough for the boardroom and glamorous enough for after-work festivities.  

2. Total Motion Novalee Retro Pump 

For professional style with a fun and flirty twist, look no further than our Women’s Total Motion Novalee Retro Pump. Available in black suede for a neutral yet refined look and in pink for something a little bolder and vivacious, this playful callback to retro block heel pumps combines vintage elegance with modern flair.  

The Novalee Retro Pump comes in wide and medium widths, with an adjustable ankle strap, and with a partially removable retention footbed for a more personalized fit. Just like the rest of our Total Motion® line, we use the best in comfort technology so you can take your fun (and work) a step further.  

These pumps pair extremely well with a form-fitting dress, cotton blouse and either a flared or pencil skirt, or a pair of straight linen pants. Regardless of what you choose to wear, these lively and spirited pumps will have you looking and feeling good, from sunup to sundown.  

1. Total Motion 75mm Scalloped Heel 

Pumps have dominated this list, so it should come as no surprise that our Women’s Total Motion 75mm Scalloped Heel reigns supreme. This strut-worthy stunner is available in pink, black, and grey shades and its classic silhouette is accentuated by unique scalloping detail along the sides that will cement your status as the talk of the town (or office floor).  

Enjoy a tailored, glove-like fit and superior comfort – thanks to our advanced cushioning technology – so each and every step is confident and painless. A split suede non-slip helps prevent your heels from slipping or popping out the back.  

These pumps complement most any business casual and semiformal look, and the scalloped trim is sure to make any outfit pop.  

Wherever you work or wherever you’re headed, be sure to check out our impressive collection of business casual dress shoes for trendy, fashion-forward options ready to take you from Wall Street to Main Street.  

Top 5 Driving Mocs for Long Road Trips

Whether you’re headed across the country, the next state over, or up north, road trips are a classic American pastime. Despite the nostalgia and positive feelings often associated with this type of trip, it’s no secret that long hours on the road, stretches of road with nothing to see, and bickering kids in the backseat can burn you out on what should be a fun, adventurous escape.  

The right pair of men’s driving moccasins, or driving mocs, can go the extra mile to ensure smooth sailing (or cruising) to your next destination. Specially tailored for long drives, driving mocs first gained popularity in the 1960s as a more comfortable and flexible alternative to driving in uncomfortable dress shoes, and to prevent wear and tear to regular everyday shoes.  

So, what exactly is a driving moc? Sometimes referred to as a sportier version of the loafer, a driving moccasin is a slip-on shoe usually composed of leather or suede. It also features rubber grommet soles designed to provide extra grip, originally intended for men behind the wheel of luxury Italian sportscars, and often have no soles for enhanced flexibility, comfort, and driving performance.  

Although driving mocs were originally reserved exclusively for the wealthy elite, you no longer need a Ferrari or Lamborghini to flaunt driving mocs’ casual yet sophisticated style. Thanks to its evolving design, driving mocs are no longer limited to driving and serve as smart choices for a number of casual or semiformal occasions.  

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 driving mocs, perfect for your next road trip.  

5. Let’s Walk Slip On 

With enhanced forefoot flexibility and state-of-the-art, foamed-back lining for extra cushioning and all-day comfort, our Men’s Let’s Walk Slip-On is an easy, practical, yet stylish choice for cross-country cruising.  

Also designed as a walking shoe, these slip-ons are constructed of extra breathable material and uses Ortholite® and EVA footbed technology to provide you with long-wear cushioning, perfect for stopping and exploring local hot spots along the way.  

Not driving? No worries! Our Men’s Let’s Walk Slip Ons can also be worn with slacks to the office or jazzed up with your favorite suit for more formal occasions. They’re available in black leather, tan leather, and dark olive nubuck.  

4. Langdon Gore Slip-On 

Our Langdon Gore Slip-On is the epitome of effortless, laid-back style. Intricately designed with a premium nubuck upper in a cool steel blue color, this slip-on is equipped with a memory foam footbed that contours to the shape of your foot for a personalized, glove-like fit and maximum comfort, perfect for long stretches on the road. The latest in truTECH® technology provides the best of the best in shock absorption and helps reduce foot fatigue to support you during all-day wear.  

Extremely versatile, these can be worn anywhere that calls for casual and relaxed style. Pair them with khakis and a button-up shirt for an easy yet refined look perfect for a stroll along the coast, or with a pair of seersucker pants for a preppy, upscale look.  

3Cullen Venetian Slip-On 

For those looking for something a little more refined, check out our Cullen Venetian Slip-On, available in cognac brown and dress blue colors. The premium twin elastic gore makes for easy slip-on and slip-off, perfect for those mornings when you’re ready to hit the road fast.  

A flexible midsole allows for greater movement and flexibility to keep foot fatigue at bay during long drives, and our advanced shock absorption system is designed keep you moving during sightseeing or other activity-filled days.  

Trip coming to an end? Don’t put these slip-ons away just yet. Just like our Men’s Let’s Walk Slip-On, the Cullen Venetian’s style and color is polished enough to wear to the office or a night out on the town.  

2Total Motion Sport Dress Penny Loafer 

Experience top-tier comfort and luxury style with our Total Motion Sport Dress Penny Loafer, available in six different hues, and in medium and wide widths for a more customized fit.  

A top-notch removable EVA footbed provides world-class cushioning for enhanced comfort on the go, and a lightweight yet durable outsole absorbs impact for all-day wear. Moisture-wicking materials keep your feet dry on hot summer days driving through the desert or on quick strolls around the rest stop to stretch your legs.  

The Total Motion Sport Dress Penny Loafer pairs well with your favorite suit for a more comfortable spin on traditional office footwear, as well as with jeans and shorts for casual, confident everyday wear.  

1. Cullen Penny Loafer 

Our modern take on a classic style, the Men’s Cullen Penny Loafer is the ultimate in both comfort and style. Available in cognac and dark brown colors, these boating shoe doubles as a high-performance driving shoe.  

A high-quality leather upper and cushiony midsole provide long-lasting comfort to reduce foot fatigue, so you can keep your foot on the gas pedal and continue to go that extra mile. Lightweight shock absorption reduces the impact of each step so you can explore more roadside attractions along the way.  

If you’re headed to a hotel, the Cullen Penny Loafer can be sported with swim shorts and a classic polo for a cool poolside look perfect for sunset happy hour on the patio. For something more refined, pair with a blazer and chinos.  

Wherever you’re headed, Rockport’s collection of men’s driving moccasins has something for everyone. With free shipping on orders over $125 and superior styles to choose from, preparing for your next road trip just got easier.  

So, where are you headed?

Top 10 Women’s Boots for Fall & Winter

Fall is upon us and winter is coming. Aside from falling leaves and major holidays in quick succession, it’s time to break out the boots! Boots have come a long way from the days where they were reserved for specialized activities such as manual labor or horseback riding, evolving into practical and fashionable options perfect for crisp autumn weather and icy cold winters.  

From knee-highs to ankle booties, there are plenty of trendy styles to choose from. Take a look below for our top 10 picks for women’s boots to carry you through fall and winter in style.  

10. Women’s Cobb Hill Lucinda Lace-Up Boot 

If you’re searching for something that will keep your feet warm as well as turn heads with every step, look no further than our Women’s Cobb Hill Lucinda Lace-Up Boot. Available in classic black and a stunning olive-like green, this irresistible wedge bootie features a deluxe leather upper and provides the best in durability, breathability, and comfort.  

A modest 2.5-inch leawood wedge heel, steel shank, and TR outsole provide the necessary stability and traction to stay upright and balanced when trudging through inclement weather.  

It also features a microfiber lining for added insulation while maintaining a breathable feel, beautifully accented by glossy metal loops and two-toned nubuck panels to create a striking look you’ll want to flaunt until springtime.  

9. Women’s Total Motion Alaiya Ankle Boot 

If you’re aiming for a sleeker look, opt for our Women’s Total Motion Alaiya Ankle Boot, available in black and taupe styles as well as two widths for the best fit possible.  

Our Total Motion technology creates the perfect balance between style and comfort, and the Alaiya Ankle Boot is no exception. The slim, two-inch heel is complemented with foam-backed lining to provide maximum cushioning, while a premium textile lining enhances breathability.  

Perfect for the office and a night out on the town with friends, this ankle bootie exudes poise and confidence with every step.  

8. Women’s Cobb Hill Gratasha 2 Panel Boot  

Simple yet sassy, our Women’s Cobb Hill Gratasha 2 Panel Boot is the perfect boot for hitting the pumpkin patch or the tree farm. Pink, black, and taupe options allow you to make a bold fashion statement or keep things modest, depending on your mood.  

This chic ankle bootie is available in multiple widths for a comfortable fit and features a size zipper for easy on and off. A plush fabric lining offers superior comfort and intricately designed geometric perforations add a bohemian twist.  

7. Women’s Cobb Hill Oliana Bootie  

Turn your style up a notch with our Cobb Hill Oliana Bootie, available in a striking stone brown pull-up leather hue. Low, thick heels allow you to strut your stuff with ease while a classic almond toe provides a softened, tapered look.  

Socks are optional thanks to a flannel lining, so you can quickly step in and take off these boots on busy mornings, and enhanced traction control prevents slippage on rainy autumn days. Easily paired with jeans and leggings, the Cobb Hill Oliana Bootie radiates rustic, timeless style versatile enough for any season.  

6. Women’s Total Motion Oaklee Plain Boot 

If you’re a woman on the go, the Women’s Total Motion Oaklee Plain Boot just might be the shoe for you. This ankle bootie boasts a sensible block heel and comes in floral tapestry and black and brown leather styles.  

The Oaklee Plain Boot is specially crafted with truTECH® and truTECH+® technologies for the best in shock absorption and a durable midsole plate for enhanced support and stability, so you can power you through a long day of fall or winter festivities.  

Adaptable enough for both work and play, this women’s boot is the smart choice for any woman looking to take year-end style to the next level.  

5. Women’s Copley Waterproof Tall Boot 

Our Women’s Copley Waterproof Tall Boot is prepared to take you through the most unpleasant weather while maintaining cool, composed style. Thanks to advanced Hydro-Shield® construction, your feet stay dry and you stay happy as you carry on through a busy, rainy day.  

A microsuede footbed cover improves breathability, while a first-class footbed ensures flexibility and shock absorption for unhindered movement. These boots are also available in a wide calf option.  

4. Women’s Cobb Hill Kailyn Ankle Boot  

Available in grey and black styles, the Women’s Cobb Hill Kailyn Ankle Boot delivers European-influenced style and supreme comfort in one attractive package. Featuring an interior cushion pod, vintage-style buttons, and intricate, laser-cut accents, these ankle boots put your best foot forward, every single time.  

A two-inch block heel and expert construction offer increased stability for balance and confidence with every step. This impressive ankle boot complements a wide range of outfits and exudes worldly, cosmopolitan vibes as soon as you step out the door.  

3. Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot 

For a slim and sexy look, check out our Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot offered in taupe, black, and brown shades. Experience chic style while ditching discomfort thanks to our advanced truTECH® and truTECH+® comfort and shock absorption system.  

This 3-inch heeled stunner with a pointed toe and premium suede lining exudes timeless style that can be flaunted not only in fall and winter, but in spring and summer as well. These boots pair well with leggings, short dresses, and cuffed jeans.  

2. Women’s Carly Bootie 

As shown by the boots on this list, the ankle bootie has taken over, and our Women’s Carly Bootie proves that it’s here to stay. This low-heel boot offers high-volume style with edgy side zippers and a perforated panel for a bold, distinctive look.  

Offered in both black and tan shades, this no-nonsense yet fashion-forward shoe boasts a clean leather upper to deliver the absolute best in durability, breathability, and comfort. Perfect for strolls through leaf-scattered parks and chilly late-night adventures, this multipurpose boot can be easily rocked with cutoff jeans or skirts and dresses any time of year.  

1. Women’s Kimly Stretch Bootie  

Looking to add a pop of eye appeal to your fall or winter look? Our Kimly Stretch Bootie in wine or dark taupe microsuede takes any outfit to the next level. If you’re going for a subtler look, this kitten heel classic is also available in black microsuede and black stretch.  

A flexible midsole and premium cushion will have you striding down the sidewalk as if it’s your own personal runway. Advanced Ortholite® footbed technology provides heightened breathability, while a strong rubber outsole offers long-lasting durability so you can continue to rock this chic style season after season.  

Whether you’re a knee-high, mid-calf, or ankle bootie kind of woman, Rockport has what you need to dress to impress all year long. Browse our assortment of women’s boots today and take the first step toward a new season of style.  

When to Choose Flats Over Heels

We get it. When you’re invited for a fun night on the town, a cocktail party, or even dinner with friends, an occasion that calls for dressing up is usually the perfect opportunity to wear heels. After all, we’ve heard so much about how the right pair of heels can complete an outfit, how heels can lengthen the look of your legs, and how heels are just the thing to wear with business casual clothing at the office. And let’s face it. Sometimes, when you wear heels, you just feel powerful.  

Regardless of conventional standards or public opinion, sometimes, flats are the better choice. That’s right. Flats. When you think of flats, you might envision a pair of simple, unassuming ballet flats. Luckily, styles have evolved and there are plenty of attractive options out there, for both casual and formal occasions. 

While you might need to be sold on ditching heels for flats, and we don’t expect you to be, we’re going to take a look at several different scenarios in which opting for a pair of flats might be the smarter choice –  your feet do deserve a break, after all – as well as some benefits of choosing flats over heels.  

Difficult Terrain or Inclement Weather 

Say you’re invited to an outdoor shindig, such as a baby shower at the park. It’s summer, it’s warm, and you might think this is the perfect opportunity to rock a floral dress matched with your favorite pair of espadrille wedges.  

Turns out, the baby shower takes place at a park with patchy grass and lots of uneven terrain. While wedges, with their thicker soles, are certainly a more comfortable option than standard heels, picture yourself trying to navigate a downhill slope in your three-inch wedges.  

Avoiding lawn, garden, and rabbit holes, traversing up and down hills, and being prepared for whatever else Mother Nature throws at you is much easier, and safer, in a pair of flats than in heels.  

Our Cobb Hill Inglewood Huarache Sandal is a perfectly viable option for outdoor events that call for semiformal dress, with a TR outsole for improved traction control, a soft footbed for all-day comfort, and superior craftsmanship and laser-cut detailing. 

Inclement weather, such as pouring rain, is another situation in which flats might be the smarter option. While there are definitely waterproof heels out there with the traction needed for slippery surfaces, flats may provide better stability.  

Other Benefits of Choosing Flats Over Heels 

Let’s face it, when it comes to flats versus heels, flats are inherently lower risk when it comes to tripping and losing balance. Plus, you don’t have to worry about super sleek stiletto heels getting caught in grilles or sidewalk cracks.  

If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you that involves lots of walking and errands, the right pair of flats will keep you going much longer than even the sturdiest pair of pumps. Flats are also a characteristically practical option. While heels are often thought of as the sexier choice, they are often very limiting in what you can do while wearing them. What would rather wear when running after a bus or rushing to get to your next meeting?  

Not surprisingly, comfort is often the definitive factor when it comes to choosing flats over heels. If it hurts to walk, let alone stand, your mind will constantly be focused on your pain and discomfort as opposed to the people you’re spending time with or the event that you’re celebrating.  

Why? Because You Feel Like It 

Even with all the aforementioned reasons, the most important deciding factor in whether to choose heels or flats is, you guessed it, what you want.  In a world where women constantly feel bound by societal expectations, it deserves to be said. If you don’t feel like wearing heels, then don’t!  

While heels can definitely boost your confidence (and height), if you’re not feeling your best, how confident can you truly be? When you feel good, you look good, and there are thankfully enough options out there to complement any outfit for any occasion, no matter how casual or formal.  

Here at Rockport, we offer great deals on a large selection of comfortable women’s flats in a variety of styles and textures. Find your perfect pair today!  

Comfortable Men’s Shoes Perfect for the Workplace

For many 9-to-5ers out there, looking the part is almost as important as getting the job done. Of course, this is always easier said than done. Long hours full of meetings, conference calls, shuffling back and forth, and straining your eyes as you stare at a computer screen for eight hours can really take its toll on both your mind and body.  

That’s why, when it comes to shoes, comfort is just as important as style. On a busy day chock-full of tasks, the last thing you want to experience is cramped toes, blisters, or whatever else uncomfortable shoes tend to create.  

So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best comfortable men’s shoes, perfect for the workplace. Keeping one or more pairs of these versatile dress shoes in your footwear arsenal will have you looking and feeling good, for office hours and beyond.  

Men’s Total Motion Sport Dress Plain Toe 

If you’re looking to rock a classic black dress shoe look but want a boost of comfort, check out our Total Motion Sport Dress Plain Toe. If you’re looking to find your favorite color, this style is available in eight different colors, including classic muted shades such as brown and cognac, as well as dress blues nubuck and grey leather. 

A modern twist on a timeless classic, the Total Motion Sport Dress Plain Toe shoes boast a sleek silhouette and leather welt and is further accented by a footbed drawing inspiration from the interior of Italian racing cars. This highly rated option also utilizes the best in truTECH® technology and a removable EVA footbed to offer ultimate shock and impact absorption.  

Enjoy the 24/7 support and stability needed for jam-packed days at the office, thanks to exceptionally molded TPU plates that also provide enhanced breathability and flexibility – so you can keep moving forward without a hitch.  

Men’s Kenton Wingtip  

If you’re looking for another smart, simple option, our Men’s Kenton Wingtip may be the right choice for you. Enjoy the classic, definitive look of the Italian-inspired men’s dress shoe while also reaping the stylish and comfortable benefits of our legendary innovation.  

The Men’s Kenton Wingtips are available in black and brown colors, and provide the increased flexibility and softness needed to keep you on your toes all day long. Wide and medium width options allow for a more personalized fit for added comfort, while an EVA outsole offers maximum impact absorption to reduce foot fatigue, perfect for those who stand to give presentations or who rarely take the elevator.  

This stunning yet versatile dress shoe can be smartly paired with just about any business suit or pair of slacks, making them suitable for everyday wear.  

Men’s Dustyn Wingtip 

Does your day at the office often include stepping outdoors or traveling to several different locations? If so, our Men’s Dustyn Wingtip may be just what you’re looking for. Available in two shades of brown and traditional black and accentuated by intricate perforated designs, this premium men’s dress shoe is outfitted with Hydro-Shield® seam-sealed, waterproof technology to keep you dry in most any weather. 

Adaptable enough for a variety of business casual, semiformal, and formal outfits, our men’s Dustyn’s Wingtips are perfect for both work and nights out on the town with co-workers. This modern take on the iconic wingtip style comes in medium, wide, and extra wide widths to ensure a snug, yet comfortable for fit for everyone.  

A durable rubber outsole provides the traction and grip needed to prevent slipping as you fight the downpour to make it to your meeting across town, while the advanced truTECH® system offers the best of the best in shock absorption so each and every step is as effortless and lightweight as the last – so you can get the job done, rain or shine.  

Men’s DresSports Accel Plain Toe 

If your job requires more movement and activity than usual, check out our Men’s DresSports Accel Plain Toe, available in brown, black, and tan. The look of the timeless, plain toe oxford is infused with contemporary attitude and a sporty footbed to create a comfortable men’s dress shoe, designed to keep up with the movers and shakers of the world.  

Featuring elaborate stitching on the premium leather upper, the DresSports Accel Plain Toe shoes offer the best in form and function. Enhanced shock absorption keeps fatigue at bay, while a cutting-edge EVA outsole allows for increased flexibility for added comfort and helps to propel you forward on the busiest of days.  

Easily paired with your favorite suit or slacks for a no-nonsense business casual look, this style can be dressed down with a pair of jeans perfect for casual Fridays at the office or your favorite weekend activities.  

Men’s DresSports Business 2 Apron Toe 

For the ultimate in 9-to-5 style and comfort, look no further than our Men’s DresSports Business 2 Apron Toe. This comfortable men’s shoe transcends traditional men’s dress shoes, thanks to a smart combination of hand-finished, sophisticated style and the latest technology that provides all-day comfort.  

Available in classic black, this lightweight, durable option boasts high-grade leather and a wood-wrapped heel, and is accentuated by subtle yet statement-making stitching across the upper.  

Thanks to truTECH® technology and a strong yet flexible outsole, the DresSports Business 2 Apron Toe shoe offers increased shock absorption and flexibility so you can put your best foot forward with every step.  

With Rockport, you never have to sacrifice comfort for style. Our assortment of comfortable men’s shoes features a multitude of options that suit every style, preference, and occasion, be it a grueling day at the office or a lively night out with friends.  

Shop our collection today!  

The Best Sandals for Active Summer Days

While summer is definitely a time to relax and unwind, it’s also the perfect time for adventure, exploration, and lots of activity. Your vacation might include relaxing poolside with a drink in hand (as it should), but most likely it will also involve sightseeing and checking out local hotspots. Even if you’re not traveling, chances are you’re a weekend warrior or occasional explorer looking for new, exciting things to do.  

While sneakers and other walking shoes are definitely a practical option for active days, sometimes you just want a more breathable, open-toed option.  

Sounds like you? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a handy list of some of our best-selling and top-performing women’s active sandals perfect for busy summer days, so you can focus less on your feet and instead enjoy the activity at hand as well as your time with the friends and family you’re with.  

Cobb Hill Penfield TStrap Sandal 

If you’ve got a lot of ground of cover but are still looking to make a fashion-forward statement, look no further than our Cobb Hill Penfield T Strap Sandal. This attractive black leather sandal rocks an extremely modest and sensible heel of only 27 millimeters, making it a practical yet stylish option for busy summer days.  

If there were ever a sandal to prove that beauty does not mean pain, these T-strap sandals would be it. A glove-like fit is ensured thanks to an adjustable hook and loop, while an advanced EVA footbed enhances both flexibility and shock absorption to promote easier movement and reduce foot fatigue.  

This lightweight yet extremely durable sandal is accented by ornamental sidewall stitching for a stylish boost and is versatile enough to be worn on a variety of occasions. This Cobb Hill favorite can be easily dressed up with a loose skirt or form-fitting dress, as well as jeans, shorts, or a romper for a relaxed yet chic look.  

Cobb Hill Rubey TStrap Sandal 

If you like the look of the Penfield T-Strap Sandal but are looking for an open-toed option, the Cobb Hill Rubey T-Strap Sandal is the one for you. Available in black leather, khaki multi, and tan multi shades, this proven summer favorite is bound to win you over.  

This women’s walking sandal is available in three different widths and features a no-nonsense 1-inch lift. And similar to its closed-toe cousin, these sandals come with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for an even better fit. A durable rubber outsole ensures a longer shelf life, while a molded EVA footbed conforms to shape of your feet for increased flexibility and impact absorption to reduce foot strain, making it perfect for all-day wear.  

Expertly crafted from premium leather, this versatile option features intricate cross stitching and a braided design that takes sensible summer footwear to the next level. While this attactive T strap is destined to be one of your summer favorites for active days on the beach or walks along the pier, they also come in handy for date nights, picnics, and lazy days spent lounging around and soaking up the sun.  

Cobb Hill Maisy Cross Band Sandal 

A playful and active twist on the classic cross band look, the infusion of comfort and style is clearly evident in our Cobb Hill Maisy Cross Band Sandal. Boasting a shimmery light khaki multi hue and trendy silhouette, this lightweight, delicate-looking yet durable favorite is the epitome of form and function.  

With heightened breathability and flexibility thanks to a textile footbed cover, this cross-band sandal has what you need to propel you forward on the hottest, most humid, and liveliest of summer days.  

Two adjustable hook-and-loop closures promote a more personalized fit, while a durable outsole provides the traction and grip necessary for traveling long distances and preventing slippage. A wraparound ankle strap provides extra support and stability while preventing excess heel movement, ensuring your foot stays snug and secure as you take on summer by storm.  

Crafted with antiqued hardware and soft yet long-wearing leather, the Cobb Hill Maisy Cross Band Sandal is comfortable yet robust enough for all day and all night. This trendy, high performance option takes classic summer style up a notch, and it’s adaptable enough for both semiformal and casual occasions.  

Ridge Circle T-Thong Sandal 

Looking for an active sandal that doesn’t look like an active sandal? Our Ridge Circle T-Thong Sandal is here to save the day. This subtly sporty twist on the chic T strap, or T bar, sandal features graduated, geometric circles composed of fine leather in black, plus intricate laser cut etching designs for an extra layer of flair.  

The Ridge Circle T-Thong Sandal features a microfiber lining and adjustable straps across the inset and ankle for a secure, fastened fit and increased support.  A shaped EVA footbed brings long-lasting comfort and shock absorption that will have each step feeling as light as the last. A TPR outsole with ridged molding ensures an enhanced grip and non-slip protection necessary for days chock full of adventure and exploration.  

This low-cut active sandal is bound to be your go-to option for effortless yet sophisticated summer style. Whether you’ve got a busy day of sightseeing ahead or are headed to a relaxed family gathering to celebrate the end of summer, the Ridge Circle T-Thong Sandal is a must-have for your summer sandal collection.  

Your OneStop Active Sandal Shop 

Whatever you’ve got going on this summer or whatever your sandal preferences are, Rockport carries the best sandals to carry you through the warm days. From simple cross bands to stylish cross strap sandals reminiscent of espadrilles, we’re determined to elevate your summer style to an entirely new level.  

Check out our active sandals collection today! 

Comfortable Heels for a Long Night Out

Sometimes, your nights are just as busy as your days. Maybe you have dinners with clients, or you might be social butterfly so a “relaxing night in” is not a part of your vocabulary. Whatever your reason is for going out on the town, looking the part is often just as important as what you’re doing or where you’re going.  

When you think of spending a night out with your friends, high heels are probably the first thing that come to mind when considering what shoes to wear. After all, dressing up from head to toe is part of the fun.  

While you might associate heels with clubbing, dancing, and parties, you probably also associate them with pain and discomfort, and can probably already picture yourself ditching your shoes and going barefoot halfway through the night.  

Painting the town red should be focused on fun, not on the discomfort caused by your shoes.  

With Rockport’s collection of comfortable heels, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort and a feel-good fit for nightlife-friendly style. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite cutting-edge looks that are sure to be a hit on the dance floor – and with your arches, toes, and ankles too. 

Women’s Total Motion Sheehan Heel  

If you’re looking for traditional yet sophisticated style versatile enough to be paired with nearly everything in your closet, meet our Women’s Total Motion Sheehan Heel. Available in black and ivory for no-nonsense style or in leopard or yellow for something a little more adventurous, this anything-but-ordinary pump is destined to be your go-to shoe for girls’ night out.  

A sleek profile, classic silhouette, and pointed toe recreate a timeless style adaptable enough for a number of looks. Whether you pair these comfortable heels with a form-fitting mini-dress or with cuffed skinny jeans for a laid-back, more casual look, the Total Motion Sheehan Heel is prepared to go the distance.  

This pump’s bold yet sensible three-inch heel is reinforced with a high-quality steel shank and uses a fortified TPU for enhanced stability to power you through the wildest of nights. A split suede non-slip reduces heel movement to ensure your feet remain secure as you dance the night away.  

Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Strap Boot 

For a comfortable heel bootie that provides a little more ankle support, look no further than our Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Strap Boot, exuding the absolute best in both comfort and confidence. This smart yet sexy strappy ankle boot comes in stunning, smooth black leather. It’s available in both medium and wide styles to ensure the best fit possible.  

These comfortable heels are expertly crafted with cement construction and state-of-the-art truTECH® and truTECH+® technology to offer the best in lightweight comfort and shock absorption.  A high-performance foam-backed lining and cushioned interior sole provide the coziness of a walking shoe, and a simple wraparound buckle enhances the effortless style. 

Pair the Total Motion Ariahnna Strap Boot with tight black jeans or a mini-skirt along with your favorite leather jacket for a cool, unexpected look that will have you turning heads all night long.  

Women’s Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump 

Add a splash of color to your nighttime wardrobe with the Women’s Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump. Available in fifteen shades – classic and vivacious – including mustard snake, pearl patent, orange, and pink, this not-so-typical pump packs a powerful punch in both style and comfort. 

These comfortable heels are available in wide and medium widths for a more personalized, glove-like fit. Experience enhanced comfort, thanks to a high-quality midsole cushion and non-slip suede back to prevent slippage and keep your heels securely in place.    

Total Motion® technology provides increased flexibility and ultimate shock absorption that reduces foot fatigue and keeps each and every step as light and airy as the first. Easily paired with dresses, jeans, and dress slacks, this colorful addition to your footwear arsenal is comfortable enough for all-night wear while showcasing a bolder look.  

Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot 

If you didn’t think it’s possible to reconcile comfort with a slim, stylish heel, think again. Our Women’s Total Motion Ariahnna Ankle Boot is a breathtaking game-changer guaranteed to become one of your girls’ night out favorites. Available in taupe, black, and brown shades as well as wide and medium widths for improved fit, these comfortable heels are ready to party.  

Exclusive Total Motion® technology makes discomfort nothing more than an afterthought, thanks to groundbreaking cushioning and flexibility, while lightweight truTECH® and truTECH+® comfort systems offer the best in impact absorption.  

The sleek, sexy three-inch heel is bolstered by cement construction and a TPU outsole for added support and stability, while a textile lining and footbed cover provide enhanced breathability for superior, all-night comfort.  

Women’s Total Motion 75mm Scalloped D’Orsay Heel 

Take your love of pumps to the next level with our Women’s Total Motion 75mm Scalloped D’Orsay Heel, available in a delicately pale pink and classic black leather. Intricately scalloped edges add a fun and flirty twist to this trusted date night favorite. 

Lightweight comfort is infused into this fashion-forward style, thanks to truTECH® and truTECH+ technology. Our patented system enhances shock absorption so you can take every step with confidence. A TPU midsole offers sleek yet supported lift for elevated style, while foam-backed linings go the extra mile by increasing cushioning and comfort.  

Thanks to its attention-grabbing d’orsay style, these comfortable heels can be paired with a form-fitting dress, pencil skirt, or your favorite pair of jeans for a glam nighttime look that’s anything but ordinary.  

Nights out should never be bogged down by uncomfortable shoes, and bold, striking style should not be sacrificed for long-wearing comfort. Thanks to our collection of comfortable heels, comfort and style reach new heights. Find your perfect pair today. 

4 Women’s Loafers: Perfect for Fall

Goodbye summer, hello fall! Not only does fall bring cooler weather, earlier sunsets, and changing leaves, but it also provides you with an opportunity to take advantage of the year’s fall fashion trends.  

When you think of fall, you might imagine trading in your favorite pair of flip flops for a stylish pair of ankle booties. While we’re certainly fans of ankle booties, we thought we’d take the time to highlight an often-underappreciated form of women’s footwear: the women’s loafer.  

Loafers? Yes, loafers! While penny loafers may be the first (and only) thing that comes to mind, fear not, as the women’s loafer has evolved to include a variety of styles that are bound to make these slip-ons your go-to autumn favorite.  

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite styles from Rockport’s current collection, so the transition from summer to fall will be as effortless as your sense of style.  

Women’s Daisey Slip-On 

Enjoy the carefree attitude of summer infused among fall-inspired fashion with our Women’s Daisey Slip-On, available in almond, black, and stone shades. This attractive slip-on features unique artisan craftsmanship such as antiqued buttons, intricate cut-outs, and burnished leather. It’s available in three different width options to provide you with a proper, more personalized fit.  

A modest 1-inch heel gives you a subtle lift, while a moisture-wicking microsuede lining enhances breathability – perfect for combatting the lingering summer heat as we transition into fall. A glossy leather upper and reinforced nylon shank offers increased stability and durability for long-wearing comfort and support to get you through busy back-to-school and back-to-work weeks.  

A removable EVA footbed and cleverly crafted cushion pod provide premium forefoot flexibility to keep foot fatigue at bay and propel you through long days at the office or sunset strolls through the park.  

Women’s Total Motion Zuly Slip-On 

Dare to try something different with our Women’s Total Motion Zuly Slip-On, a modern twist on the classic mule. Available in both tan and white leopard prints for fun and flirty style, this sultry slip-on is destined to become one of your fall footwear favorites.  

Boasting premium materials such as soft calf hair and a patent piped trim, this women’s shoe is ready to turn heads with every step. Revolutionary truTECH® and truTECH®+ technology offers top-notch shock absorption at the heel as well as rebound at the forefront to keep each step feeling as light and airy as the first.  

A premium leather footbed and moisture-wicking lining prevents the need for socks while maintaining a soft and breathable feel. A retention foam footbed molds to the specific contours of your foot to provide the best in all-day comfort and lightweight durability.  

Take casual fall style to an entirely new level by pairing the Total Motion Zuly Slip-Ons with your favorite pair of paperbag waist pants or skinny jeans, or with a romper or maxi skirt for a relaxed look that will give summer fashion a run for its money.  

Women’s Adelyn New Loafer 

Dare to try something different with our Women’s Total Motion Adelyn New Loafer, a modern twist on a classic style. Available in both blue and sand bouclé prints for fun and flirty style, this sultry slip-on is destined to become one of your fall footwear favorites.  

Boasting premium materials including woven textiles, this women’s shoe is ready to turn heads with every step. Revolutionary truTECH® and truTECH®+ technology offers top-notch shock absorption at the heel as well as rebound at the forefront to keep each step feeling as light and airy as the first. A retention foam footbed molds to the specific contours of your foot to provide the best in all-day comfort and lightweight durability.  

Take casual fall style to an entirely new level by pairing the Total Motion Adelyn New Loafer with your favorite pair of paperbag waist pants or skinny jeans, or with a romper or maxi skirt for a relaxed look that will give summer fashion a run for its money.  

Women’s Total Motion Adelyn Laser Loafer 

Take the first step toward unparalleled fall fashion with our Women’s Total Motion Adelyn Laser Loafer. While it may appear to be just another flat shoe at first glance, this women’s loafer is anything but ordinary. A bold pointed toe, warm iron hue, and glossy golden heel make for a flawless, versatile fall favorite.  

High fashion meets street style with the Adelyn Laser Loafer’s metallic cutout designs – and these shoes offer the best in cushioning and comfort, thanks to a foam-backed lining and insole. Split suede non-slip material keeps your feet in place and reduces heel movement to prevent slippage, while NZYM™-treated linings provide odor control and a moisture-wicking feel.  

This jaunty, flat-style shoe is extremely adaptable and plays well with just about any pair of jeans for an easy, yet sophisticated fall time look that turns every walkway into a runway. 

Whether you’re looking for that classic penny loafer style or the modern variants that evolved from it, Rockport’s collection of women’s loafers offer the very best in both comfort and style, so you’ll be looking good and feeling good all autumn long.  

Three Winter Outfits, One Boot with Taylor Cuqua

Taylor Cuqua, a lifestyle and fashion blogger over on Straight from Tay, joins us to share three cute and cozy winter outfits with our Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot.

In a fantasy world I would have a new pair of shoes to go with every outfit in my closet. However, like most,  I don’t really have the budget for that. That’s why I’m going to show you guys how styling the same pair of boots with different pieces can be fun! It also helps that these cozy faux fur lining Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boots go with just about everything!

Pictured: Women’s Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot ($150)

The second I saw these on the Rockport website, I knew I needed them in my wardrobe. The faux fur lining keeps my feet nice and toasty and the buckles are such a fun stylish accent making them perfect for winter activities. Over the years I haven’t had much luck with winter boots/shoes that are both warm and comfortable without being big and clunky. These boots seriously work for any occasion. I sported them while walking through a snow covered farm to pick out my Christmas tree and while running a few last minute holiday errands. The Women’s Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boots are also perfect to slip on for your commute to and from the office.

It’s no secret that snow is known to destroy gorgeous suede. Even though right out of the box these booties are not waterproof, just to be safe I treated my Cobb Hill boots with a waterproof spray and I’m so happy I did! The snow never soaked through my boots and my feet stayed dry at all times. I also have to say I was especially impressed with how lightweight these booties are. It seriously feels like putting your foot in a bed of clouds to walk around in. The traction on the bottom of the shoe doesn’t look like much at first, but once you step outside you realize how the traction is actually amazing.

Rockport continues to impress me with their comfort and style and I am SUPER excited to rock these boots all winter long. I might just have to grab a pair of the black ones as well. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog.

Follow Taylor on Instagram @taylor_cuqua for more style inspiration and find more Cobb Hill boots here.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

Everyday Winter Style with Camille Carter

Camille Carter, a fashion and beauty blogger over on Charmed by Camille, joins us to talk about how to stay casual but cute during the holiday season with our Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot.

When people think “holiday season” often times it’s fancy events, sparkles, and dressing up – but what about everyday style? That’s important, too! Today I’m sharing how to style the Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot for those casual days during the week or weekend.

I love these boots because they’re different than most traditional cold-weather suede booties. The rubber outsole makes this a more durable bootie than others, but you still get all of the cozy goodness with faux fur lining. And the buckles here give the boot a fun, slightly edgy twist. They also make a fun alpine version.

Pictured: Women’s Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot ($150)

The Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot has everything you love already about Rockport: flexibility in the shoe itself with an EVA outsole, a removable Ortholite® footbed for lightweight breathability, and well-made construction for winter boots that last beyond a single season.

To keep things cozy, cute, and put-together, I opted for three key pieces in this look: jeans, a mock neck top, and a structured wool coat.

STYLE TIP: If you feel like your outfit is a little too “basic” and that you’re missing something, add in a third piece. By adding a jacket– aka the “third piece” – my simple jeans and tee become an actual outfit. Yes, honey.

You’ll notice that the coat has rich navy, green, burgundy, and tan. The burgundy and tan mimic that of my top and the boots, so overall, they pop a little more in the print of the coat! If you’re stuck on finding a statement coat this season, take an inventory of the colors you already own a lot of, then find outerwear with prints in those tones.

To finish the look, I tossed a tan scarf around my neck, threw on my comfortable Rockport boots, and headed out for the day. How would you style the Cobb Hill Elysse Buckle Boot?

Find more of Camille’s winter style inspiration by following her on Instagram: @charmedbycamille, and shop more Cobb Hill boots here.

This Port71 guest blogger received compensation in exchange for her post. All opinions are the blogger’s own.

Spotlight On: Airport-Friendly Footwear

Whether you’re about to embark on an overseas flight for vacation or a cross-country trip for work, the airport security checkpoint can be one of the most grueling parts of the travel process. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with airport-friendly styles to go with everything from athleisure to workwear, and are sure to have you breezing through security in comfort. Bonus: you won’t want to change out of them when you arrive.

Women’s Let’s Walk Classic Knit Sneaker ($120)

Our #1 tip when choosing shoes for the airport: opt for slip-ons. The
Let’s Walk® Women’s Classic Knit sneakers feature elastic laces and will quickly slip on and off in the security line, while the Integrated Motion Technology system returns energy to your feet as you navigate the airport. This of-the-moment style features mixed materials and playful details for a unique take on athleisure, and can be paired with anything from breezy dresses to laid-back leggings.

Total Motion Bow Ballet Flat ($110)

For something more dressed up, The Total Motion Bow Ballet flats are sophisticated enough to wear to a business meeting but versatile enough to dress down with denim. These flats feature a slight hidden wedge for a little lift, and truTECH® and truTECH+® for all-day comfort. They’re also super lightweight and flexible to easily stash in your bag or suitcase – and the TPU shanks won’t set off the metal detector.

Men’s Let’s Walk Mesh Bungee Sneaker ($140)

For a casual men’s shoe to pair with joggers or jeans, throw on the Let’s Walk Bungee Sneaker. The on-trend mesh upper will keep you looking (and feeling) cool on a stuffy flight, while the adjustable bungee closure allows for a personalized fit (and easy on/off). The multi-layer comfort system is engineered to create superior cushion, absorb shock and return energy to the wearer every step of the way.

Total Motion Sport Dress Penny ($130)

The Total Motion Sport Dress penny is much more than your average slip-on. The sleek silhouette will keep you looking sharp while the motion-oriented design elements like EVA footbeds, TPU molded stability plates and moisture-wicking linings will make you the most comfortable man at the airport. Wear them with anything from your favorite travel suit to jeans and a blazer.

This article was originally published on November 20, 2017 and was updated on July 8, 2019 to feature our latest styles.

Check out more of our airport-friendly styles here.

Into the Wild: Animal Print Invasion


Spotted everywhere, from runways to the blogger circuit, animal prints are taking over the season – and we’ve got you covered with brand new leopard print styles. Crafted in soft calf hair with black patent accents, and infused with our signature Total Motion® technology, these are sure to liven up your wardrobe and take you from suburbia to the urban jungle in comfort.


Pictured: Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump in white and tan leopard ($120)

Show off your wild side in our bestselling Total Motion Pointed Toe Pump, now available in white and tan leopard prints. This three inch (75MM) pump features a molded ABS heel for maximum impact resistance, plus a polyurethane outsole for support and stability, to easily take you from office to off-duty drinks. Wear them with anything – from a trendy jumpsuit to everyday denim – and they will instantly upgrade any ensemble.

If you’re looking for a slightly shorter heel, be sure to check out our Total Motion Kalila pumps – offering the same colors and comfort tech.


Pictured: Total Motion Kalila Pump in white leopard ($120)


Pictured: Total Motion Zuly Slip On in white and tan leopard ($120)

Last season’s flirtation with mules is now a full-on relationship – and we want our Total Motion Zuly slip-on in every color – especially leopard print. These sleek slides feature truTECH® for shock absorption, and moisture-wicking linings for all-day comfort. We love them with a structured shift or wide-leg slacks for work, or with joggers or jeans for the weekend.

Find more info on our leopard print collection here.

5 Reasons We Love The Total Motion Sport Dress Shoe


One of our bestselling men’s dress shoes, the Total Motion® Sport is a classic reinvented for the modern world – and is now available in new spectrum-spanning hues for a limited time. With the stability, flexibility and cushioning of our Total Motion technology, these oxfords will comfortably take you from morning commute to after-dark drinks and you’ll look good doing it.

Here are 5 reasons why we love the limited-edition Total Motion Sport Dress shoes.

1. Wear-now color pops will instantly brighten your day (and look).

2. They’re infused with our exclusive Total Motion technology, making them so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re wearing your favorite pair of sneakers. Trust us on this.

3. They will take you from anywhere to everywhere – from the boardroom to the ball park, and beyond. No change of shoes necessary.

4. They will go with just about everything – from your work suit to your everyday denim.

5. We’re not the only ones who love them. Our customers agree: “Total Motion = total comfort. I could wear them all day!”

Learn more about our limited-edition Total Motion Sport Dress shoes or shop them here.

Spotlight On: Men’s Dress Shoes


Freshen up your 9-5 (and beyond) with this season’s key styles from our Men’s Dress collection. From classic oxfords to statement-making wingtips, these shoes are infused with the latest in comfort technology, and will take you from coffee to commute to cocktails with ease.


Pictured: Ellingwood ($110)

The Ellingwood cap toe is much more than your average oxford. A polyurethane outsole provides shock absorption to reduce foot fatigue, while Hydro-Shield® construction helps to keep feet dry. From work to weddings, these versatile lace-ups will quickly become your go-to dress shoes.


Pictured: Everyday Business Penny Loafer ($120)

Have a penchant for penny loafers? The Everyday Business penny loafers are classically styled and crafted for all-day comfort. Brought to you in luxe leathers, these slip-ons feature durable outsoles, padded midsoles, and are versatile enough to be worn with your best suit or your favorite denim.


Pictured: Total Motion Sport Dress Plain Toe ($130)

We’re seeing more and more men opt for athletic-dress hybrids like our Total Motion Sport Dress plain toes. With truTECH® technology for lightweight shock absorption, and TPU molded stability plates for stability and flexibility, these lace-ups have the looks of a dress shoe but feel like your favorite pair of sneakers.


Pictured: Total Motion Sport Dress Wingtip ($130)

Branch out from classic black with our Total Motion Sport Dress wingtips. Available in a wide array of colors – from black cherry to bold blue – these wingtips are sure to make a statement at your next business meeting or night on the town. Plus, they offer the same comfort tech as the plain toe version for 24/7 support.

Looking for more dress options? Head over to our full Men’s Dress collection, or check out our Men’s Dress Shoe Guide for the dress styles every man should have in his closet.


On The Road With Neyla Pekarek


Neyla Pekarek, cellist and vocalist formerly of The Lumineers, released her debut solo album “Rattlesnake” last month. She kicked off her tour in Nashville at The Grand Ole Opry, then the Sundance Film Festival, and is now touring with fellow-Coloradans, Devotchka. We caught up with Neyla on her must-have tour essentials and why Rockport is her go-to shoe when she’s traveling or performing.


Becoming a full-time touring musician was an unexpected and delightful surprise to me. I studied to be a music teacher, and shortly after graduation, on a whim, I joined my very first band (off of a Craig’s List ad, no less); this band became The Lumineers, and I was soon traveling the world, playing shows in front of thousands of people, on just about every continent. It was a sharp learning curve, figuring out how to live out of a suitcase, and prioritizing what to take along on the road, and after 8 years of trial and error, packing way too many art supplies in my bag, and not nearly enough socks, I think I’ve got it figured out. I am taking off for my very first solo tour this month, in support of my debut solo record, Rattlesnake, and below are 5 of my tried and true tour essentials I will be taking along.


Neyla in her Cobb Hill Abbott Panel Boots. (Photo: Nolan Knight)

My 5 Tour Essentials:

1. My Rockport Cobb Hill Aria Boots: Typically, I only get a day (or less) in a city, and the best way to get a quick snapshot of that city is to take a stroll, and comfy shoes are a must. I typically try to find the cutest coffee shop in town with the tastiest cortado, and I lace up my favorite fashionable Aria boots and hit the pavement. I even trekked through a snow storm in NYC recently, on my way to see a new musical, Girl From North Country, and these kept my feet dry, comfortable, and stylish enough for a night out at the theater.



Neyla in her Cobb Hill Aria Boots. (Photos: Nolan Knight)

2. A Good Notebook & a Good Pen: Journaling is great way for me to decompress in what is often a very fast paced and hectic environment of being on the road. I often write letters to loved ones far away, and have an epic rubber stamp collection (it’s hard to choose which ones to bring!) because who doesn’t love getting fun mail? It’s also a great way to jot down memories that may otherwise be swept away in the chaos.

3. Noise Canceling Headphones: At the risk of ruining the romantic ideas of life on the road as a musician, any seasoned band member will agree it’s a whole lot of waiting—in airports, in green rooms, in vans, in buses, in hotel rooms—and a great way to find some peace and quiet is to pop some noise canceling headphones on and listen to the calming sounds of the latest episode of Fresh Air with Terry Gross, or escape with the original cast recording of Hamilton.


Neyla in Nashville in her Cobb Hill Vcut Booties. (Photo: Nolan Knight)

4. My Kindle: As much as I treasure a real book in my hands, the smell of the paper, and dog-earring the corners of pages I like, traveling with a kindle or e-reader is so efficient. Any effort to spend less time staring at my phone, and more time reading is appreciated; plus, having all 7 Harry Potter books at my fingertips is just the type of security blanket I need. And I still read bonafide paper books when I’m at home on a break from touring.


Neyla in her “Rattlesnake Kate” dress replica and metallic Cobb Hill Angelina t-straps. (Photo: Liza Nelson)

5. My Rockport Cobb Hill Angelina T-Straps: My album, Rattlesnake, is a song cycle based around the real life of Colorado pioneer, Kate McHale Slaughterback, who became notorious in the 1920s for a death-defying encounter with a rattlesnake migration, in which she killed 140 snakes to save her life, and that of her 3 year old son. She gathered the snake skins and fashioned herself a flapper-style gown that she wore to parties and fancy events, earning her nickname, Rattlesnake Kate. Finding the perfect shoes for my live show to match the (faux) rattlesnake dress replica, that allow me to feel sturdy when nerves might try to get the best of me, but also make me feel glamorous, was not an easy feat; but I found just that in the metallic Cobb Hill Angelina T-Strap.

New York, NY - November 13 2018 - Neyla Pekarek performs at Rockwood Music Hall

Neyla Pekarek performs at Rockwood Music Hall. 

Head over to Neyla’s site for more info, and be sure to check out more Cobb Hill styles here.

Neyla’s Upcoming Tour Dates:

Mar 27 – Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center

Mar 28 – Davenport, IA @ The Raccoon Motel

Mar 29 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews

April 1 – Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern

April 2 – Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live

April 4 – Boston, MA @ The Red Room @ Cafe 939

April 8 – Washington, D.C. @ Union Stage

April 9 – New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub

April 12  – Buffalo, NY @ Ninth Ward

April 13  – Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Music Hall

April 14 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern

April 16 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Stache at The Intersection

April 17 – Evanston, IL @ SPACE


Header photo: Liza Nelson

Spotlight On: Men’s Bestsellers


The people have spoken. From dress shoes to chukka boots, these are some of the men’s styles that are currently winning the popularity contest. CH1235_MAIN

Pictured: Slayter Plain Toe ($120)

The Slayter Plain Toe is a classic dress shoe with modern comfort. Featuring truTECH® technology for lightweight shock absorption, these oxfords will take you straight from work to an evening out with ease.


Pictured: Slayter Bike Shoe ($120)

If you prefer the ease of a slip-on, go for the Slayter Bike shoe– also a bestseller. Offering the same comfort tech as the lace-up version, these dress shoes can be worn with anything from everyday denim to dress suits.


Pictured: Total Motion Classic Dress Wingtip ($130)

The Total Motion Sport Dress wingtips offer all the comfort and breathability of your favorite pair of sneakers, wrapped in a modern dress profile. Perfect for the office or a night out, these oxfords feature removable EVA footbeds for lightweight impact absorption and cushioning. Available in an array of colorways, from classic black to bold blue.


Pictured: Northfield ($110)

If you’re looking for something more casual, check out the Northfield oxford. This rugged lace-up features Hydro-Shield® waterproof construction, and Polyeurethane Kinetic Air Circulator for underfoot cushioning and active air circulation. You can find more waterproof shoes like this here.


Pictured: Marshall Rugged Moc Toe ($145)

If boots are more your bag, go for the Marshall Rugged Moc Toe chukkas. With rugged good-looks and EVA outsoles for flexible lightweight impact absorption, these boots are built for all-day comfort.


Pictured: Colle Tie ($110)

Up your athleisure game with the Colle Tie shoes, featuring embossed textures, distressed leathers, and removable Ortholite® footbeds for lightweight breathability and durability. Bonus: an anti-microbial lining allows for easy, sock-free wear.


Pictured: Cold Springs Plus Low Tie Boot ($115)

Hit the trails in the Cold Springs Plus Low Tie boots. Made to maintain confident footing on varied terrain, these trail boots are built with Hydro-Shield® waterproof construction, moisture-wicking linings, and rubber outsoles.

For more top styles, head over to our Bestsellers page for the complete roundup.